Victoria ~ Episode 1: Doll no. 123

This past weekend I was able to get my hands on the first two episodes of ITV’s new drama, Victoria. Based on the life of Queen Victoria, from the start of her reign in 1837 when she was just 18 years old, the miniseries explores the character of one of the most significant monarchs of all time.

You all already know what a HUGE fan I am of Queen V, and I was beyond excited to hear that a television show was finally being made about not only a woman who was remarkable for her time, but also about an era that has had such a profound impact on our current society in so many ways that people don’t expect. When the trailer for Victoria was released not too long ago, I immediately wrote a blog review of it, and when I was watching the two first episodes yesterday, I had the idea that I should write down my thoughts about the show while watching and share them with you all in separate blog posts. Today begins this series of Victoria posts, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the first episode of the miniseries. These are merely point form notes that I jotted down while watching, to give you a sense of my viewing experience, but I will be posting a detailed review once the entire series comes to an end. So here we are…enjoy!

Episode 1: Doll no. 123

1837 ~ Victoria = 18 years old.

– born Alexandrina Victoria, the niece of King William IV.

– opening credits are GORGEOUS! Jenna Coleman is every inch a queen with her crown amid the Victorian wallpaper background.

~ “Victoria is hardly the name for a queen.”

– Victoria is already defiant from the start.

~ “I intend to see all my ministers alone.”

– a slow process with a learning curve = perfectly articulated that Victoria is belittled and must assert her powers.

– England and its scenery look gorgeous as well!

– men are trying not to “overburden” Victoria, but she is not to be underestimated.

~ “Nevertheless, I will meet him alone.” = she will face Prime Minister Lord Melbourne as a true monarch; she will rebel against Sir John Conroy (the villain!); she does not want to be “run”.

~ “When I require assistance, I will ask for it.”

– when Lord Melbourne called her “Queen Victoria”, it gave me chills! Their relationship is going to be complex and I can tell that Melbourne is going to be hugely important to her.

– I ADORE how strong Victoria is, while still being innocent (she runs places a lot, which is quite childish but cute) and wary; she is figuring out her way, but she will do it herself!

~ “To me, you are every inch a queen.” = Lord M will be a true match for Queen V. I’m interested to see how Prince Albert will factor in.

– Conroy is watching for errors, scrutinizing Victoria.

– crushes up note with suggestions for maids of honour = YES!

– Lord M stands up for Victoria and attests to the fact that her age is irrelevant.

– costumes = simply gorgeous! The outfit Victoria wears when she meets the military is so unique and fashionable. All her dresses are opulent but still simple, in accordance with the prudence of the time period.

– scrutiny and gossip about V’s relationship with Lord M = is it romantic? Sexual?

– Lord M’s wife ran away with Lord Byron = so fascinating from a literature perspective!

– wonderful moment when Victoria gets drunk at the ball = this shows real depth to her character because she is still young, inexperienced and foolish = she is strong and firm, but she still has a lot to learn.

– Lord M has some sort of emotional past and struggle; what are the details of Lord M’s scandal?

❥ the chemistry between Lord M and Queen V.

– every scene featuring Queen V is like a painting = they frame her exquisitely, especially during the Coronation.

– incident of accusing Lady Flora of being pregnant = proves that Victoria can be wrong, act rashly, make mistakes = she does intend to learn from every mistake, because as Lord M says, she has “courage”.

– she is learning to act like a queen, and it is so powerful that Lady Flora is the one who teaches her that she has a responsibility for her subjects.

~ “They are not dolls to be played with.”

~ “I’ve had enough of principle.” ~

– gorgeous moment at end between Lord M and Queen V. Lord M reveals that he had a son who died and he pledges himself to Queen V. She gives him reason to go on and he dispels her doubt and makes her strong. She can do this!

~ “Smile and wave and never show them how hard it is to bear.” ~

Stay tuned for my review of Episode 2 coming very soon!


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