Pinning Away

“She’s the kind of magic that you marry.” – Adrian Michael

Happy Sunday dear Readers and Happy Canada Day long weekend!

If you’ve been following along with me on Twitter, you’ll notice that my #JNGReads quotes for this week were a little bit different. I did begin the week by quoting from the new book I’ve delved into, Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield, which is already quite engrossing and beautifully written. After that, though, I changed my style a little bit and started posting picture quotes rather than simply tweeting a bunch of words at you. I will go back to quoting from the novel I’m reading soon, but I thought it would be nice to present some of the wonderful and meaningful quotes I’ve recently come across in picture form so that there would be a lovely visual to go along with the poignant words. One of these quotes, which I posted yesterday, was from the recent 2011 film adaptation of none other than my favourite novel Jane Eyre, and I often find it fun to search for artistic representations of some of my favourite passages and scenes from the story.

“You transfix me, quite.” – Edward Rochester

So, my Twitter page was a touch more visual this week than it has been previously. The reason for this is that recently (what with the wedding planning and all) I have become moderately obsessed with Pinterest. Okay, okay, I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I never felt the need to sign up for Pinterest until I started wanting to catalogue ideas for my wedding. I then realized that I actually do really enjoy looking at pictures. Instagram is probably my favourite app on my phone (I haven’t downloaded the Pinterest app yet because I have a feeling that might be a little addictive and dangerous), and I enjoy Instagram not only because I follow all my friends, but also because I like looking at the pictures photographers and average people take. I’m a very visual person, and it’s enjoyable for me to see the world through the eyes of a bunch of different people. Pinterest is just a forum for beautiful photos, so naturally I’m hooked. I’ve even started uploading some of my own photos onto my own page.

Be kind!

Finally, Pinterest, like I mentioned, has turned out to be an awesome tool for collecting and curating ideas in a bunch of different categories. I’m starting to think of my page as ~ JNG’s Haberdashery ~ a site where I can keep track of and catalogue all the things that interest me, from hairstyles and fashion trends to photo inspiration and Victorian cultural items. One of my favourite things to do has been to look at hairstyles I might like for my Big Day, and I also went through a phase of pinning as many photos of gorgeous wedding dresses as I could. That has slowed down recently, but only because – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – I purchased my wedding dress a few weeks ago! You may’ve seen the photo on my Instagram page, revealing that I had found my dream dress (though not showing the dress itself, of course), and it was an absolute magical moment when I had this gown on my body and just felt more comfortable and like myself than I ever have. Anyway, I digress – the point is that I have my wedding dress, but I still do have a very full board of photos of wedding dresses on my Pinterest page. And I’ll let you in on a little secret – a photo of my ACTUAL dress is included in that very board. I’m obviously not going to say which one it is or give you any clues, but it’s in there, along with many other impressive gowns.

Miss Ives' Temporary Home

So, all that being said, if you’d like to join me over on Pinterest, you can find my link down below. I’m avidly pinning all sorts of things, including photos having to do with my favourite books (and film and television adaptations of them), and I’d love to have you all follow along!

JNG’s Haberdashery / Pinterest Page

The Pin Happy,


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart


  1. I love using Pinterest. I have boards for everything that interests me from art to travel. It’s such a great way to keep all your ideas organized. Those are all lovely dresses! I adore vintage inspired fit and flare dresses 🙂

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thanks, Roselyn! It’s nice to see you over on Pinterest…I’m going to have to take a look at all your boards in detail. 🙂

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