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I have to admit, I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post today at all. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that I didn’t tweet any specific #JNGReads or #JNGListens quotes this week. This is the second week that I haven’t consistently tweeted a meaningful quote or line every single day, and the fact is bothering me more than a little. I hadn’t intended to draw attention to this today – instead I thought it might be best just to skip my weekly blog post and hopefully find a collection of quotes beautiful enough to warrant sharing this week. But, then I remembered that the point of this blog is to update you all on what I’m reading at the moment, and more importantly on what I’m feeling about what I’m reading at that same moment. The whole point of my #JNGReads/#JNGListens initiative was to take you into my mind, to give you a glimpse of the passages and scenes from the books I was reading that stuck with me and left an imprint on my heart. So, it stands to reason then that if I’m not posting any quotes, it’s because nothing is standing out to me in the literature I’m encountering at this time. I’m reading, but nothing I’m reading is that incredible, groundbreaking or memorable to me.

I’m currently about halfway through Emily Giffin’s forthcoming novel First Comes Love. While I enjoyed Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Love The One You’re With, I haven’t read a work by Giffin in a very long time. I was gifted this book by a friend of mine, and so I decided that I certainly couldn’t pass up the opportunity to delve into Giffin’s fiction once again, especially since the book was so conveniently in front of me.

The story and characters are pleasant enough, but nothing about the plot has really made an impact or impression on me, and this is most definitely why I haven’t had any quotes to share on my Twitter recently. The writing style is enjoyable and flows well, but none of the lines say anything unique or describe emotions and ideas uniquely enough to warrant a mention. Perhaps I should start quoting lines from the novel this week to give you an idea of how ordinary they are – this isn’t meant to be critical or condemnatory necessarily, as I am having a good time reading the book, but I just want to defend my lack of inspiration and excitement at the moment.

I think what I mostly want to represent in this post is the fact that not all books are earth shattering or monumental. Sometimes you’ll come across a book that’s just fun and light and refreshing, but that doesn’t really stick with you all that much. I find that incredibly discouraging, but at the same time, I think I need to start coming to terms with this fact. Otherwise, the act of reading becomes less relaxed, more pressure is put on every single work to be a favourite – and since that isn’t realistic, it’s best not to feel such anxiety to love and adore and rave about every single book one reads.

I will review First Comes Love thoroughly when I do happen to finish it – but for now just know that, silent though I am right now, I am reading.

(And, if you’re at all interested, I have been sharing passages and lines from my own writing and works of fiction on Twitter every now and then – so follow along if you want to get a sense of what #JNGWrites!)


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