Reader, I’m Marrying Him – May 7, 2016

Reader, I'm Marrying Him

I had a #JNGReads post written and scheduled for upload today, but then things got a little bit Jane Eyre for me and I had to deviate from my plan. This is totally unlike me, to not post my regular #JNGReads entry, BUT, Readers, I have some extremely exciting news to share…

… I am ENGAGED!  Reader, I’m marrying him – MY Edward Rochester, my Prince Charming, the love of my life. My boyfriend, that wonderful, caring and kind SS that I rant and rave about, is no longer my boyfriend. He is my fiancé!

Okay, so I don’t even know where to begin, but all I know is that I have to share this story with you all. It was the most perfect, literary proposal, from SS’s planning to my reaction, and I want you all to know every detail.

SS and I have talked about marriage for a long time…since our 3 month anniversary, actually, when I was incredibly sleepy and blurted out that I wanted to marry SS one day. From that moment, we’ve been planning and scheming and discussing…and we had pretty well decided that once SS finishes his last few university courses this upcoming August, we would get engaged. So I had a timeline in mind – engaged by Fall 2016, ideally married by the end of 2017.

And then, SS went rogue, as he often does. He decided that he wanted the proposal to be a total surprise for me…so he had to do it on a different timeline, when I wouldn’t be expecting a thing. He sat down with my parents and brother, told them about his plan, and they were thrilled. The wheels were in motion.

That was apparently a month and a half ago. SS had his work cut out for him then, getting the most gorgeous engagement ring I’ve ever seen CUSTOM MADE for me.

Eddie the Emerald

When the girl you’re in love with has a green heart, you have to get her an emerald, right? Truth be told, I have always adored emeralds, and SS hit the nail on the head with this beautiful ring from Peoples, complete with a rose gold setting to reflect my Victorian sensibilities. So he had the ring…now what?

Here’s where I come in, oblivious and hopelessly romantic. SS knew he wanted to propose to me where we first met, at the University of Toronto in a building called Hart House. But how would he get me there, the girl who controls every aspect of our schedule and keeps a detailed agenda of all events? Well, he brilliantly decided to book us a hotel room to celebrate the end of his winter semester, and then he expertly  told me he would need to quickly drop off a textbook to a friend at UofT during our stay, for her to use for summer classes. She apparently wanted to meet us right by Hart House and I thought it would be cute to revisit the site of our first acquaintance.

So we went, started walking toward our beloved school, and somehow weddings came up. I got a bit frustrated because all I’ve been wanting for months is a ring to wear and show to the world to commemorate our longstanding level of commitment, so I said to SS, “Stop! I refuse to talk about weddings until I have a ring on this finger!” He must’ve found that hilarious as he was carrying the ring with him the whole time.

We got to Hart House and were standing in the hallway outside the room where we met. I looked inside to see that the room was closed and locked, and when I turned back around, SS was rifling in his bag for a book. He pulled out a copy of Jane Eyre and I thought, “How sweet! He bought me a new copy of the book!”

Then, I noticed that he wasn’t getting up – he was still down on one knee. He opened the front cover of Charlotte’s story and I saw written inside as an inscription, “Reader, Will you marry him?” And there was an emerald, rose gold ring tucked inside the pages.

Reader, Will you marry him?

So I, of course, had an appropriate Janian reaction. “No! You are a liar!” I shouted. “This is a cruel joke! That ring is not even real!” SS was alarmed and stood up, coming toward me to put the ring on my finger (he knew that, no matter what my reaction was, I was saying Yes), but I rebelled. “No, stay away from me, don’t touch me!” Like Jane Eyre, I refused to believe that any of it was real. I refused to accept that SS was in ernest. I couldn’t wrap my mind around such happiness.

But eventually, like Rochester with his Jane, SS was able to coax me into being calm and listening to him. I looked at this sparkling gem on my finger and I had to believe. He was my SS and I was his fiancée…at last!

So there it is – SS and I are engaged! We are getting married…and we will be planning a wedding that will make my literary heroines proud!

“‘Make my happiness—I will make yours.'”- Edward Rochester to Jane Eyre

Engaged Janille

Janille N G

Girl with an Emerald Green Heart

my green heart


  1. Tammy Brophy says:

    Oh Janille, I’m crying! I am so happy for you and Sourena. What a wonderful man he is and I love you both! Thanks for making me so happy in reading this.

  2. Congratulations! The ring is beautiful 🙂

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thank you so much Roselyn! 🙂

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