Woman Crush Wednesday (well, almost) – How to Dress like Jessica Jones

Yesterday I was off work, lying at home sick with a migraine all day.  While most people would love a day at home, doing absolutely nothing, I like stimulus and activity, so I knew that I had to fill my day doing something (albeit calm and soothing).  In my painkiller-induced slumber, I arrived at the idea of watching the Netflix/Marvel original series Jessica Jones.  There are 13 episodes total and yesterday I was able to watch…9 episodes!

Okay, let me just say that I am extremely picky when it comes to TV shows.  Basically, I watch Penny Dreadful (Long live the Victorians!) and Reign (Long may Queen Mary reign!), and that’s about it.  I used to watch a whole bunch of different shows (The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, The Affair, among others), but I dropped most of them after a while because they just weren’t grabbing my attention.  I have this policy that if I’ve watched 3 episodes of a show in a row and I’m feeling bored and not excited or anxious to keep watching it, then I have to cut it, whether that’s at the beginning of the series or after seasons and seasons of watching.  There are too many good books to read out there to waste any leisure time on stories that are uninteresting.

Having said all that, I watched one episode of Jessica Jones and I was immediately hooked!  This probably has a lot to do with Krysten Ritter – I’ve liked her as an actress for a long time (ever since she was on Gilmore Girls briefly) and I absolutely LOVE her in the role of Jessica!  She is my new girl crush in every way: her style is exactly the sort of fashion I love (more on this in a moment), and she is so dry and sarcastic.  Her sarcasm and wit make her so unbelievably strong and a real force to be reckoned with, but what is also really great about Ritter’s portrayal of her is that Jessica still comes across as emotional, vulnerable and scared.  She’s a truly complex character, but she’s also a female character that a lot of young women can look up to – she’s no nonsense, 100% badass, and she isn’t going to take anyone’s crap…but she’s also caring, loyal to her friends and loved ones, and truly remorseful for the mistakes she makes.  She’s flawed and human in the most wonderful and interesting way, and I’m addicted to her story and to the way Krysten Ritter tackles her complicated and chaotic life.

I also have to say (and this is a bit of a shameful admission) that I really really like Jessica’s “enemy”, Killgrave.  I find him strangely sexy, which says a lot about my taste in male characters apparently (Damaged and dark British male lead, anyone?).  I don’t watch Doctor Who and I’ve never seen David Tennant in anything, but I have to say, he has fully won me over as Killgrave.  I don’t blame Jessica (and others) for being intoxicated and manipulated by him because he’s intelligent and calculated, but also hilarious and so cunning.  I’m very impressed by his character because I think there’s a lot more to him than being the classic villain.  He has a troubled past and a lot of emotional demons to deal with, but he also still seems to be strangely nice and genuine at moments.  I’m just super conflicted about his character, to be honest – I want him to go away, but I feel bad for him as well – and I do kind of think the idea of him and Jessica is a little bit cute.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the show pretty much nonstop since I started watching it, and I am ridiculously anxious to finish the next 4 episodes.  I’ve even planned to go to my boyfriend’s house tomorrow just so I can log onto his Netflix and watch them all in one go (it’s one of his favourite shows too, so this is no sacrifice on his part).

And so, in honour of this momentous occasion of finding a TV show to finally hold my attention, I decided to have a go at dressing like Jessica Jones today.  This was possibly the easiest feat ever because I dress like Jessica almost every single day.  I had all of these items in my closet already, and I probably would’ve worn them together even if I’d never seen the show.  But, here, have a gander at the photo below and see my Jessica Jones-inspired outfit:

How to Dress like Jessica Jones

Items Required to Dress like Jessica Jones:

  • Black hair – It helps that mine has been black forever!
  • A pair of fingerless gloves – the epitome of badass!
  • Short boots
  • Lots of black!
  • A large, wraparound scarf – No one rocks a scarf quite like Krysten Ritter!

And there you have it – new TV obsession + new style icon – nailed it!

Best sick day ever, like seriously!


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