The Gift of Love – #JNGReads

A #JNGReads post in the middle of the week?  Shocking, I know – I wouldn’t blame all you dear Readers for being confused!

So, what brings about this seemingly random post?  Two things…

1- I’m reading an INCREDIBLE novel at the moment: another Victorian classic by one of my most beloved authors who I can always count on for an interesting and unique tale. I’m deep in the heart of Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd at the moment, and I am totally revved up to write some reviews about it.  I have so many thoughts about this novel and its characters – there’s just so much to say about Bathsheba Everdene and I am so conflicted about her!  But, more on that to come in this weekend’s #JNGReads post.  For now, it’s just important that you know that I am reading this novel, because my quote for today comes from a point in the beginning of the odd and strangely contemporary story…

“‘I love you far more than common.’” – Far From the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy

2- There are a number of people in my life that I love “‘far more than common’”. There’s my boyfriend, of course, my parents and brother, and my dearest girlfriends.  What I take this idea of loving someone “‘far more than common’” to mean is that, in loving these people, I wish them so well in their lives.  I want them to have every single thing their hearts desire.  For my brother, this means that I felt almost obligated to buy him the new PS4 when it came out (I actually did this last Christmas!).  For my parents, this means that I want them to be stress-free, and that I will do everything in my power to make them so.  For my boyfriend, this means that I want him to live in absolute comfort, in every sense of the word – I want him to be constantly at ease, physically, mentally and emotionally, and I will spend my life ensuring that this is the case.

But, for my dearest girlfriends, loving them “‘far more than common’” means that I want them to have the romantic love I was lucky enough to find for themselves.  I want True Love for them, and I want it NOW!  I understand that that’s not the way life works (believe me, I waited a looong time to find my True Love)…BUT, since this weekend is Valentine’s Day – aka Let’s All Celebrate True Love Day – I feel like it’s totally reasonable to want to give my gorgeous girlfriends the gift of love.  All I really want is for each one of them to be situated, to be idolized and respected, before that big occasion on Sunday.  I know this isn’t entirely realistic, but for a few of my friends, it actually is!  And, I’m sick of all the waiting, all the ups and downs of romance.  It’s hard enough finding your own True Love – now imagine having that person, and desperately wanting all the people you love to have their very own as well!  It’s truly exhausting!

So, I really am over it!  Today, I’m sending out a Hopeless Romantic’s Wish into the Universe.  I’m asking Fate for (another) little favour.  Before Valentine’s Day, just give my favourite girlies the gift of True Love – just let them find someone who will love them forever, and “‘far more than common’”!

May we all have that sort of love in our lives!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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