And Write…

‘Fool,’ said my Muse to me, ‘look in thy heart and write’.

– “Astrophil and Stella”, Sir Philip Sidney

Welcome to 2016 here at The World of my Green Heart!

To ring in the New Year and get myself amped up and excited for all the blog posts I intend to write in 2016, I decided that today I’d feature one of my favourite Christmas gifts that I received over the holidays.

What is a reader without her (or his) hardware?  Previously on the blog, I wrote about purchasing a new (third) pair of glasses – a momentous occasion for me because I feel that my specks are an integral part of my identity as an avid reader – after all, if it wasn’t for all the reading I’ve done throughout my life in dimly lit libraries, my eyesight would probably be much better.  I was truly excited to pick out a pair of unique, eccentric and bold frames, and I’ve gotten many compliments on them since.  And every time I do, as well as any time I wear one of my multiples pairs of glasses, I feel like I am proclaiming to the world, Look at me – I’m wearing glasses because I need them to see some special words on a very special page of an even more special novel that I am currently immersed in!  To me, being a reader is equally about those awesome accessories you get to wear – just like being a music lover might be about purchasing the latest iPod or sporting some gorgeous and stylish headphones, and being a hardcore runner might be about donning some colourful sneakers.  I’m a reader, and I was a reader before I was most other things in my life, so I like the world to have an idea about that when they look at me!

Now, in the same vein, I’d like to pose the question: What is a writer without her (or his) hardware?  Yes, yes, I’m typing this post up on my Macbook right now, and I love all the latest gadgets, especially the fact that my lovely gold iPhone 6 lets me type notes that will instantly appear on my laptop.  The way of the writer’s future is pretty marvelous!  But, I’m also seriously old school…like to the point where I never once brought my laptop with me to any of my university classes.  I preferred to write my lecture notes out by hand…yes, that’s right, with an actual pen and piece of paper.  A lot of people think this is absolutely nuts.  They’d often ask me how I could keep up with the professor’s speaking (trust me, it takes practice), or how I could prevent my hand from getting cramped or tired (I didn’t – I just persevered).  My answers to these questions were never adequate because they could never convey just how happy I felt at the end of a three hour class, looking at my colourful, highlighted, handwritten notes.  It just felt so nice to have a notebook full of my own scribbling and shorthand at the end of a semester, and I still have many of these notebooks (you never know when you might need to look back at some lecture notes when writing a blog post, am I right?).

So, to me, one of the most important things that I can possess is a good, high quality, fully functioning, totally reliable black pen.  I used to write with only blue pen for awhile, mainly when I was in high school, but as I moved into my university years, I started to prefer black ink because it seemed a bit more professional, less flashy and easier to read.  Since then, I’ve stuck to strictly black pen, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate that any time someone has gifted me with a pen, it’s just happened to be a black one.  Writer’s win!

And this Christmas, I received some awesome pens (people know me well enough by now to purchase them for me on every occasion) – but one pen stood out to me in particular.  My darling boyfriend SS bought me an absolutely gorgeous (black!) pen from Swarovski.  It is decorated with rose gold crystals – and since rose gold is unquestionably my favourite, it suits me perfectly!  I love it, and with it I intend to write lengthy blog posts, creative stories, anything and everything my green heart desires!

My powerful pen.
My powerful pen.

Stay tuned for what my pen will produce this year!


Girl with a Green Heart (and a Pink Pen)

my green heart


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