How to Dress Like a Christmas Movie Heroine

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the first post since Christmas……

Yes, I know that Christmas is technically over, the family gatherings and gift giving celebrations have come and gone, but that does NOT mean the holiday season is done! And, in order to keep this Christmasy feeling going for at least the next week, until the New Year, I’ve created a little post for today that fully encompasses all of my enthusiasm for Christmas and all the love, joy and excitement the season represents.

I don’t think I’ve directly stated this, but I’m sure you can all guess that one of my absolute favourite activities during the holidays is to watch cheesy but incredibly romantic and heartwarming Christmas movies every night and weekend. I am quite literally obsessed with the movies that replay over and over on TV during the Christmas season, and I love how simple everything is in these fictitious worlds, how easily any conflicts are surmounted and how often True Love prevails and conquers all. There are many times throughout the holiday season that I myself feel like a character in a Christmas movie, and this particularly happened for me this year when I visited the Christmas Market at the Distillery District in Toronto with my boyfriend, SS, and my parents. Just walking around the various stalls, sipping a hot chocolate and eating DELICIOUS (I mean, seriously sooo good!) roasted nuts was like something right out of one of my favourite holiday films, and the gorgeous Christmas tree (which you can see featured in one of my previous posts and on my Instagram and Twitter pages) added an air of magic and festivity to the whole evening! It was a night I won’t soon forget, and the Distillery District has firmly secured its place as one of my favourite sites in all of Toronto!

Maman and Dad at TCM2015 TCM2015

In these moments when I feel like a Christmas movie heroine, it’s only fitting that I make sure I dress like one too! What is a Christmas movie heroine without a warm scarf, a stylish hat and a killer pair of boots? How can a self-respecting woman rightfully call herself a Christmas fanatic unless she is always holding a warm beverage in her hand, or reading a book by a fire, or having a latte catch-up session with one of her best friends? On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year, I made sure to document exactly what I was wearing, the accessories I used and the treats I ate to give you all a taste of what it means to be a Christmas movie heroine to me.

How to Dress Like a Christmas Movie Heroine #1

To be a true Christmas movie heroine, I believe it is essential to own a Christmas sweater. Some people call these ugly Christmas sweaters, but I wholeheartedly disagree with that adjective – I think they are beyond adorable! This Christmas, I paired my sweater with my favourite pair of tan suede booties, a patterned scarf that so many people complimented me on and said was so festive, as well as a burgundy felt hat and a matching burgundy purse. Everything about this outfit was comfy and relaxed, but also stylish and extremely Christmasy!

How to Dress Like a Christmas Movie Heroine #2

In terms of accessories to go with this Christmas heroine outfit, I first and foremost made sure to constantly wear my Christmas wreath pin. This pin goes perfectly with any jacket and scarf combination, and I think it is absolutely gorgeous! For that hot beverage that a Christmas heroine should always be carrying with her (preferably a hot chocolate), I chose a delicate and girly ceramic mug with beautiful flowers. And what Christmas heroine outfit would be complete without a pearl and poinsettia flower crown and an antique, hardcover novel? The perfect, traditional touches!

How to Eat Like a Christmas Movie Heroine

Finally, Christmas heroines are all about going out and having those sweet, tasty holiday treats! This Christmas Eve, I met up with one of my best friends, KM, for a delicious Smores latte and pistachio muffin. The treats themselves looked classy and simplistically Christmasy, and they gave off a warm and cozy vibe during this winter season.

So there you have it – shake off those post-Christmas blues by putting together your own Christmas movie heroine/hero outfit!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart


  1. Barefoot Runner says:

    it’s funny how I detest the thought of watching another chessy xmas movie, and then three minutes into it I’m hooked and can’t stop watching. I’m like Al Pacino in the Godfather “just when I’m out they drag me back in”. And if I’ve missed any of the movie my first comment will be “can’t we watch something else?!” but then I\ll spend the next 10 minutes asking questions as to who’s who, who’s sleeping with who, why aren’t they getting along etc…

    1. JanilleNG says:

      That is the magic of Christmas movies — they have the power to charm absolutely anyone! 🙂

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