For the Rest of Us

~ Talk about taking a love of fiction to a whole new level! ~

As you can probably all tell from some of my recent blog posts, I am a serious Christmas Enthusiast!  What you’ve probably also been able to surmise is that a lot of my loved ones are equally excited about the holiday season: my Maman decorates a gorgeous poinsettia Christmas tree every year and my boyfriend, who only just recently started seriously celebrating Christmas, was eager and anxious to get all his Christmas shopping done at the Toronto Eaton Centre last weekend.  My brother and father also love getting in on the holiday fun, and they usually give me some of the best, most personal gifts I’ve ever received.

But, what most of you won’t be able to tell is that my family is not at all religious – when we celebrate and become enthusiastic about Christmas, it’s in a secular sort of way, and it’s more about giving, spreading love and being kind to everyone in our lives! ❤ I have many friends who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, as well as those who don’t believe in anything in particular, and I use the Christmas/holiday season as a time to pay homage to ALL of my friendships and special relationships, regardless of belief or denomination.  I just think that allows everyone to get in on the spirit and be included equally!

My father was sort of the person in my immediate family who spearheaded this whole inclusive attitude when he decided to do away with religious fixations and focus instead on being good to others and embracing all differences.  My father is one of the best people I have ever known: he is unfailingly generous, extremely intelligent, passionate and outspoken, and absolutely loyal to his family and friends.  And I actually think that the fact that he isn’t religious enhances his great qualities and makes him a better person; I’ve never known him to be more accepting or kinder in my entire life, and I think it’s all down to the fact that he’s decided to be more open-minded and liberal.

So, when my dad announced a few years ago that he wanted to commemorate his decision to accept all religions, while simultaneously conforming to none in particular, my Maman, brother and I were all for it!  BBG and I were probably thinking mostly of all the presents an extra occasion would bring, but I also thought it was a fun idea and I knew that I would be proud to tell my friends and other family members that the four of us were starting our own new, all-inclusive celebration.  When SS became a part of our family, he readily embraced this new tradition (along with our secular but fabulous Christmas!), and we haven’t looked back since.

What is this unique holiday that we celebrate to set our family apart? you may ask.  Well, my dad had the brilliant idea to choose a fictitious holiday and make it real in our household… And that is why, every December 23rd, my family and I celebrate… Festivus!  That’s right, if you’re a Seinfeld fan, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – Festivus is that made up holiday that George Constanza’s father is so passionate (and quite aggressive) about, complete with a Festivus pole (no fancy stuff for this holiday), an airing of grievances, and feats of strength.  I grew up with Seinfeld since it’s one of my parents’ favourite TV shows, so I was familiar with the Festivus episode and with the idea of a holiday “for the rest of us”.  When my dad came into the family room with our very own, homemade Festivus pole, well, that just sealed the deal for all of us!  It was just the unique and creative celebration we were looking for!

Festivus Pole

Tonight, my parents, BBG, SS and I, along with one of my brother’s good friends who’s decided to get in on the fun this year, will be celebrating our third annual Festivus!  And I am beyond excited!  The pole (as pictured above) is all decked out with gifts, we have plans to order some tacky fast food, and my dad is already cooking up plans for the feats of strength!  It’s actually the perfect, most laidback and fun way to kick off the holiday season!

So, I’ll leave you all with a HAPPY FESTIVUS!  May your night be full of laughter!

Dad with Festivus Pole


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart


  1. Barefoot Runner says:

    thanks for the kind words J. I love you. John Lennon said it best in his song “Imagine”. But, 35 years after his death we, the human race, have to stop imagining and start acting.

  2. Tony Burgess says:

    That is cool! Taking a new tradition and making it your own is just fun. Good stuff.

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