The #JNGChristmasTreeSeries

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas / everywhere you go…”

Isn’t it?

Good morning Dear Readers and welcome to the most wonderful time of the year here on The World of my Green Heart!

Christmas has arrived…and I don’t care if it’s technically still November, it’s time to start ringing the sleigh bells, putting up the lights and decorations, and singing those carols at the tops of our lungs!

I am a HUGE fan of Christmas – not for any particular religious reasons or anything, but mainly because I believe it is the most warm (maybe not literally, but certainly metaphorically) and loving time of year! As a believer in Fate and True Love above any other forces on this planet, I feel very strongly that Christmas is the official time of year to share Love, spread Love, find Love and honour Love. Whether you’re spending time with family members who you haven’t seen in ages, celebrating a first holiday with your significant other, or perhaps discovering new possibilities underneath a branch of mistletoe, the Christmas (or winter Holiday Season in general) is such a magical time of year that it’s almost impossible not to see a bit of Fate around every corner.

I pretty much start preparing for Christmas as soon as my birthday is over, around mid-November. Some people probably think that’s a little early, but since I’m Canadian and Thanksgiving is long gone, I don’t have anything else to look forward to between my birthday and Christmas. My perspective is, why not enjoy Christmas thoroughly before it arrives, because once it’s over, that tree isn’t going to look quite so beautiful because you’ll just be sad and depressed that you have to wait a whole year to do it all again. My parents actually take down our beloved Christmas tree on Boxing Day (because they’re a bunch of Scrooges – just kidding!), so if I don’t fully appreciate it while it’s here, I will quite literally wake up one morning and find it dismantled.

My mom's poinsettia Christmas tree.
My mom’s poinsettia Christmas tree.

Now, in order to get myself completely in the Christmas spirit, I’ve already started listening to my favourite carols, and they have riddled my Twitter page this past week. If you follow me over there, and on Instagram as well, you may also notice that I’ve posted several photos of Christmas trees in the last few weeks, and they are all part of what I’ve decided to call the JNG Christmas Tree Series. Basically how it works is that whenever I come across a Christmas tree that is truly breathtaking, I snap a picture of it and post it on my Instagram and Twitter, with a brief description of how excited I am that the best time of the year has finally come around again! Now, I know Christmas isn’t for everyone, but like I mentioned before, I think it’s such a special season, for secular reasons more than anything else, and I think everyone can enjoy the spirit of giving and that little extra bit of kindness that floats around people during this time. And seeing a picture of a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree, I hope, is a reminder that you can run into some really beautiful and festive sights around every corner! The Christmas season is just full of surprises, from gifts to reunions with loved ones to fairytale encounters to romantic proposals, and I am just so passionate about celebrating all that this season has to offer to every person!

So, for this #JNGListens post, I’ll leave you all with a Christmas wish I have for each one of you:

“May your days be merry and bright!” – White Christmas

And here are some of the photo highlights from my #JNGChristmasTreeSeries! Check it out on Instagram and Twitter if you want some more Christmas cheer!

Christmas Tree #1 Christmas Tree #2 Christmas Tree #3 Christmas Tree #4

Merrily yours,


Girl with a Green (and Red) Heart

my green heart


  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree that Christmas trees can be breathtaking, but don’t underestimate the beauty and charm of a Festivus Pole. It’s simplicity is what makes it unique, dazzling and radiant in that you have to reach deep down to the pit of your gut to appreciate it’s elegance, and it acts as a constant reminder to keep life pure and clean, and to live for today. Happy Festivus to you and yours.

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