Downtown Weekend and Hometown Complaints – #JNGListens

There is no way my best friend KM and I enjoy spending our time more than complaining about our hometown, the small suburban area where we were raised, schooled and currently still live. I’m not going to mention the actual name of my hometown in this blog post (to protect an innocent and helpless town that can’t really defend itself), but if you’re enough of a Sherlock Holmes, you can probably find its name somewhere in one of my other entries, or definitely on my Twitter page. Because basically, if I’m being honest, my Twitter page is full of tweets between me and KM, criticizing our little suburban homeland and laughing about the people who actually love living here (ie: our parents…Oopsies! Sorry!). Every time we get together, which is a weekly occurrence if not more often, we have another abysmal story to share about the trials and tribulations we’ve endured in our hometown, and every conversation ends with the same statement: “I really wish we lived in Toronto.”

Ahhh, the big city, the Big Smoke, home of the recently very impressive Blue Jays and the consistently dismal Maple Leafs – whatever you choose to call it, Toronto is the place where KM and I really really want to live. For me, this dream started about when I began studying at the University of Toronto and realized that the city is the source of all the fun and excitement anyone could ever want. In my hometown, the closest mall is 15 minutes away (if there’s no traffic), the nearest Tim Horton’s is a bit of a trek in the winter months, and it’s virtually impossible to find a bus that’s actually running after 9pm. In the big city, everything is always on the go, the subway is basically available constantly, and every possible source of happiness (from the local McDonald’s to the city’s most beautifully decorated bookstore) is steps away! Toronto is the real city that never sleeps, and there is always something happening. In my hometown, most people are in bed by 11pm…on weekends!

my home
my home

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly, but as soon as I heard the lyrics to Macklemore’s new song Downtown, I knew there was something to them. I admit, I’ve only heard the song a handful of times and haven’t analyzed the lyrics in great detail, but one line immediately struck me:

“Ain’t seen nothing yet until your downtown…” – Downtown, Macklemore

I even tweeted these very words at KM – Downtown should be our theme song! It’s not that I don’t appreciate the quaintness of small town living, and I do believe that I wouldn’t appreciate the vibrancy of the city quite so much if I hadn’t grown up in a small town…but I do feel that at a certain point in certain peoples’ lives, it’s time to move on to (literally and geographically) bigger things!

So, this weekend I’m heading downtown to spend the night with another fellow small town raised best friend, CL. She somehow managed to escape suburban life and has been living in Toronto for over a year now (JEALOUS!), and we’re going to celebrate her birthday somewhere that might stay lively past dusk!

I’ll be singing my new theme song the entire time!

(The Small Town Girl, Way Deep Down at Heart,)


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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