Out of the Sea – #JNGListens

The day is almost here!!!

Tomorrow I venture out of these suburban, Canadian waters, and head to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida!!!


I’ve been wanting to visit Disney World since I was a very young girl and first encountered a pretty significant movie and Princess. I was born in 1991…and so was another girl who loves reading, craves adventure, and speaks French…Belle! That’s right, my favourite Disney movie (and arguably one of my favourite movies of all time!) was released in the same year that I was born! So, basically, Belle and I are the same person…because that’s obviously the next logical conclusion!

All kidding aside, I’ve loved Beauty and the Beast since I could barely talk, and it is responsible for a lot of my personality. Watching a Princess walking around town with a book, loving the written word more than her surroundings, definitely inspired me to pick up books, carry them around with me constantly, and emulate her passion. Listening to this same Princess greet people with a cheerful “Bonjour!” definitely also encouraged me to pursue French well past the mandatory period in school…and I am grateful every day for that. Belle is beautiful, no doubt, but she’s also smart, feisty and fearless, and those are traits that I have always wanted to exhibit myself. It’s only natural, then, that I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World and meet Belle for myself, and after I visited Disneyland Paris two summers ago, I was even more eager to bring my family with me!

My parents and brother have always been serious Disney fans as well, and I could totally envision us traversing the parks, wearing our Mickey/Minnie ears and chatting with our favourite characters! I could see my maman bursting into tears as Simba comes out in the parade; I could see my dad joking around with Goofy; and I recently started to picture my brother chatting up the princesses, specifically Elsa, with his wit and charm! We’ve been waiting to take this trip, literally, for a lifetime, and I think it is the perfect time for a family vacation…a time when we, the children, are on the cusp of so many changes and a shift to true adulthood. What better time to let out that child that’s still tucked away within both of us?!

So, in honour of this remarkable, dreams-really-do-come-true Disney vacation, I’ve been quoting Disney lyrics on my Twitter page all week! I’ve quoted my favourite lines sung by my top 3 favourite princesses:

1) Belle – She’s simply the best, as you read above! I’ve pretty much determined that I am her, so the Belle at Disney World is going to have a hard time convincing me that I shouldn’t take over her role! 😉

2) Megara – This lady is FIERCE! I mean, any woman who can make a Greek god fall in love with her has to have a courageous personality! She’s super badass and I think she’s one of the better Disney role models! Also, her dress is just too amazing for words…she really rocks that off the shoulder look!

3) Ariel – Hair. Goals. That’s all I have to say! I mean, look at those locks! When I go swimming, let me tell you, my hair does NOT look that elegant! She’s also so endearing and just plain adorable, with the voice of an angel! I’m surprised Eric resisted her charms for so long!

There you have it – a little Disney appreciation post! I have no doubt that I’ll come back gushing and have tons of pictures to show you all! Until then, you won’t be hearing much from me…but I’ll talk to you all again real soon!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so excited…I can’t wait to explore EVERYTHING with you…Janille!
    Hakuna Matata!

    Love, love, love…Maman.

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