All The Green Eyed Men – #JNGReads

Hello Again!

Another Sunday has arrived, and it’s been such a lovely and enjoyable weekend! I’ve had an amazing time in the city, catching up with some dear friends, and I’m starting to get so excited about this Fall weather that’s finally making an appearance in Toronto! I feel like my daily outfits have gotten exponentially more stylish ever since I’ve been able to add scarves to them!

And, another fulfilling aspect of the weekend was the fact that I snuck in a trip to Indigo, where I discovered a whole set of new books I’m interested in reading (check out my Goodreads profile for details!), as well as a couple hours of leisurely reading. I’m still deep in the heart of Katie Cotugno’s How To Love and I am absolutely loving it! The prose is just so beautiful and uniquely articulated…but more about this next week when I can write a proper review after finishing the entire story.

For today, I’ll keep this post short and just mention a quote that stuck out to me, for obvious reasons:

“his eyes glittering a hundred thousand adjectives beyond green.” – How To Love, Katie Cotugno

What is it about green eyes that make a literary hero a million times more attractive?

If you’ve visited the other pages of this blog, you’ll know that I have a particular fondness for male characters with emerald eyes, and I was so excited when I read the passage above and realized that Sawyer LeGrande sports some green eyes of his own. I have mixed feelings about Sawyer as a character to be honest, and for good reason, but he’s your typical bad boy with a soft and endearing core, and so he’s basically my type in every way. The green eyes really just sealed the deal for me, and I’ve found it so easy to picture him with eyes that are both captivating and intoxicating, that can at once reveal so much emotion and feeling but that can also be so distracting and deceiving. I really do think eyes are a gateway to a person’s true personality, passions and ambitions (as cliché as that sounds), and the fact that Sawyer has green eyes makes me feel that much more connected to him, that much more eager to find out what’s going on in his complicated mind and what’s really at the centre of his fearful, reluctant heart.

So, I’m going to continue this adventure today and for the rest of the week…and then I’m going to share what I find with all of you. I have loads to say about this unexpectedly brilliant novel, so you’ll have to check back to read all about my final impressions.

Until then, enjoy this bright and shining day, and the green grass and foliage that will soon leave us all behind!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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