Stir Crazy – #JNGReads

Good morning Dear Readers, and happy Sunday!

It is a very happy Sunday for me because tomorrow is a holiday in Canada, and so I get an extra long weekend and an extra bit of time to spend with family and curled up in my bed! 🙂

I’ve spoken about my job a little bit here on the blog before, but in today’s post I’d like to talk a bit more about how it feels to have a full-time career.

I work for a non-profit organization here in Toronto. We’re a national organization, so we have offices throughout Canada, and I’m so pleased to be able to primarily use my knowledge of the French language. I speak French every day at the office, and I write almost an equal amount of French and English emails! It’s honestly so fulfilling and exciting because I never thought I would get to use my French as much as I do in my career, but it turns out that the fact that I speak French was actually the reason I got my job in the first place! It’s nice to be exercising another one of my passions, one that kind of got left behind a little when I was doing my MA in English literature!

Having said all that, I’ve actually already had 3 positions at this organization – I’ve been promoted, my responsibilities have changed a few times, and now I’m kind of doing bits and pieces of all 3 different positions at once. But I absolutely love it because I thrive when I’m busy, when I’m running around trying to get items ticked off my To-Do List. And I adore being trusted with all of these tasks, especially because I respect my colleagues, and my boss in particular, very much.

So, basically, I’m quite happy at my job – I never really imagined myself in this sort of environment (I thought I would be on my way to becoming Professor J at this point), but I do feel like what I’m doing is good work, and it is so nice to have something substantial and maybe even a little impressive on my resume!

But, despite all this, there are times when I go a tad stir crazy! I’m sure this is entirely normal (and probably the main reason people are so excited to use their vacation days or on long weekends such as this one), but some days I just feel like I cannot sit at my desk for another second. This has been my first summer with a full-time job – normally I would’ve been off school from the months of May to August, and so I wouldn’t have had to wake up early or schedule time to see my friends and family. This summer has been a bit of an adjustment because I haven’t had as much free time to sit in the sun (which I’m actually getting so sick of because it’s grossly humid in Toronto – When is it going to be Christmas already?!), or to travel downtown to have lunches on patios with my girlfriends, or to spend days cuddled up in my boyfriend’s room. It’s not like I spend every day longing for relaxed summers past, because I’ll admit that a lot of the time I was bored and lethargic. But, it is difficult to acclimatize to a totally different sort of lifestyle, and while I enjoy going into work most days, I won’t pretend to be super excited by it every single day.

And this brings me to my #JNGReads selection for today:

“Know you’re my tether outside these walls.” – The Opposite of Loneliness, Marina Keegan

This quote is from a collection of short stories and essays I started reading quite a while ago. I have mixed feelings about it (but more on that in a future blog post), and I’ve been finding it a little hard to feel motivated to finish it, but some of Marina Keegan’s works are pretty interesting, and this particular line struck me on a day when I was tired and weary from working and commuting long hours.

This quote reminds me that, although we may sometimes be stuck in positions and places that are a touch oppressive and burdensome, there are always people and things that act as tethers, as life sources outside our confining circumstances. For me, those people are my parents and brother, my boyfriend, and my close female friends who are all so willing to meet me for coffee on the weekends, to visit me during lunch hour, and to encourage me to head into the heart of the city for catch-up dinners! These people keep me sane: they listen to me stress about things I have to do at work, but they also take my mind off it! They remind me that although I have a job I’d like to be good at, it’s ultimately just something that I do – it’s not who I AM, it doesn’t define my character or my life. And that’s an important perspective to have!

So, even though part of me is dreading waking up early on Tuesday and dragging myself into the office, a bigger part of me is excited to enjoy this weekend with my loved ones, to rejuvenate for the week ahead, and to look forward to the fun and exciting occasions I can plan for myself with an incredible group of people, outside my working hours in the future!

Enjoy every last moment of your weekends Everyone!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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