#ThrowbackTUESDAY, #JNGReads Edition – PDA

Happy The-Week-Is-Only-Just-Beginning, Dear Readers!

And welcome to my first #ThrowbackTuesday blog post! *(Yes, it is true that I’m somewhat recycling the idea from my #TBT blog post – and I do in fact realize that Throwback Tuesday is not actually a thing – but I have some things to say here on the blog, and so I’ve decided to be creative and innovative and start my own trend! So, we’re throwin’ it back on a Tuesday, folks! Hop on board this train!)*

I’ve been reminiscing about one of my favourite reads from the last few months, The First Last Kiss by Ali Harris, and one particular quote/moment from the novel has been particularly close to my green heart. I posted a portion of the quote on my Twitter back in April as one of my #JNGReads selections, but I never did get a chance to write a proper post about how profoundly it speaks to me. So…today I thought, what better day than a…Tuesday(?!)…to revisit and return to a passage from Favourite Books Past?!

Let’s start with the quote…and then I’ll get into my rant:

“Because at their best these intimate declarations of affection are beautiful; a snapshot of someone else’s love that makes the world feel brighter and better somehow.” – The First Last Kiss, Ali Harris

Ah, Public Displays of Affection – a taboo topic that most people only have negative things to say about! Everyone and their grandmother proclaims to be offended and put-off by PDA…except for Molly, the main character from TFLK, who seems to find them absolutely beautiful according to the quote above. No wonder I connected to and loved Molly so much! She’s a smart, feisty and confident woman, but she’s also so very full of love and overwhelmingly in favour of romance! And her position on PDA was one that specifically stuck with me after I finished the novel…and one that I’ve been thinking about A LOT lately, as I mentioned before.

Let’s be honest, my boyfriend and I like each other quite a bit. And, as is usually the case when two people like each other, we’re also pretty attracted to each other. I personally find it impossible to keep my hands off SS, and I’m confident the feeling is mutual. But, I wasn’t always an overly affectionate person. Sure, I’m comfortable with my parents, and I spend every evening cuddled up with my mom watching TV – but, I never thought I would be the type of girlfriend to be into PDA. I was the girl in high school (similar to Molly actually) who said she would never ever hold a guy’s hand in public, who scoffed at kissing couples and even turned her nose up when she saw couples engaged in a chaste embrace. Okay, I was probably a little bit jealous, to be truthful, but I honestly did not think I was going to be the type of girl to even peck her boyfriend on the cheek in public.

Turns out, I was wrong, my friends…very, very wrong. I can’t go more than a few seconds without touching SS somehow, whether it’s on the arm or the chest or the leg, and we’ve developed this way of speaking to each other where we kiss in between every couple sentences. It doesn’t bother me at all, to say the least, but I’ve recently started to wonder how this looks to other people. SS and I both live at home, with our parents, so we’re out a lot of the time we spend together, in public. But that doesn’t mean we hold back really, and we still sit ridiculously close to each other. I don’t feel like we’re communicating properly unless my hand is in his, or his arm is looped in mine, or my head is resting on his shoulder. It’s just how we are and I don’t think it’s going to change any time soon. I certainly hope it doesn’t!

And the question is, should I really care what other people around us think? I want to believe that my dear friend Molly would say No, especially based on the quote above. I think society just has the wrong attitude about PDA in general – why is it such a bad thing to want to hold your significant other or to want to kiss them every now and then? Sure, it’s important to be appropriate and stay classy, so I would never do anything totally crazy or outlandish with SS in public…but isn’t it alright for people to see that we really really love each other? Why is it so terrifying to other people when even the slightest hint of emotion is revealed?

I don’t have all the answers to these questions, but one thing I know for sure is that Molly has the right idea! Public Displays of Affection aren’t gross or inappropriate…they’re lovely and uplifting and encouraging! They’re a sign that True Love exists in this world, that people aren’t afraid of it or ashamed of it or hiding from it! I for one want to live in a society where True Love is celebrated, not discouraged…and so I think we need a little more PDA on the streets every now and then, and A LOT more acceptance and joy in people’s hearts!


The PDA Advocate – Now and Always,


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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