Where I Read – Maman’s Chair

Happy FriYAY Dear Readers!

I hope you are all super excited for the weekend ahead! I know I am – it’s been a long, hectic but exhilarating week at work, and I’m ready to sleep well into the afternoon, relax around my house and spend some amazing time with my family and boyfriend!

This weekend is going to be an especially fun one because today is my mom’s birthday! It’s a big one (Mom, don’t worry, I won’t reveal your age on the web!), and we are heading downtown tomorrow night to have a nice dinner and celebrate the incredible, vibrant and absolutely gorgeous woman I call Maman! ❤ Considering how special and important August 14th is, I thought it was the perfect day to write a little post about another one of my favourite reading locations: the chair in my parlor at home, a chair that my mom and I found together, lusted over for months and then finally convinced my father to let us buy!

Maman's Chair

I’ll admit Maman was a little skeptical about the style of this particular piece of furniture at first. I absolutely adored it from the second I saw it: I was naturally drawn to how robust and old-fashioned it is, how full and heavy and rustic. It made me think of the sort of chair Rochester sat in when he conversed with Jane before the fire, or the sort of chair Henry Higgins would smoke his pipe in. It’s basically the exact chair that my main literary crushes would have a fantastic time lounging in, and I knew we had to have not one but TWO of them in our family parlor. I explained all of this to Maman, took her back home and painted the scene for her while standing in the room, and she eventually fell in love with them too! Once my dad was on board (which took a touch more persuasion, to be honest), the chairs were ours! And, let me tell you, they are ridiculously comfortable – it is so easy to curl up in them, to get enveloped in their sheer size, and I have often sat there at all hours of the day, reading away!

And, these chairs are now an absolute staple of my home…a landmark that I will surely miss one day when I move to my own humble abode. Something tells me Maman won’t let me take them with me, but I look forward to the day when I can return home (probably every single weekend, as well as several times a week), possibly with my own child, so that infant, Maman and Grandmaman can all read together! It’s a nice image that I cherish every time I pass the chairs throughout the day.

And, in case you’re all wondering, Maman is a bit of a reader too! When she has the spare time, she loves delving into books I recommend for her…and when asked just a few seconds ago what her favourite book of all time is, she didn’t hesitate before saying The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson (which I reviewed when I first started the blog here)! So, not only is she beautiful, hilarious and the light of my world…she’s also a formidable and intelligent woman and someone whose style, personality and heart I greatly look up to!

Here’s to many more years of Maman!

Maman and J


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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