Dear Old Friends – #JNGReads …and Reads…and Reads

Well, I hope you’re all following me over on Twitter because things are really starting to get exciting!

Oh, how things can change so quickly! Last week, I was at a total loss for what quote to feature for my #JNGReads/#JNGListens post, but today, I’m struggling to pick just one quote from my weekly catalogue to highlight. I’ve fully delved into my next read, and the process has been incredibly quick and fluid. In an hour and a half bus ride, it seems like I can read more pages than I’ve ever been able to read before (even when I was studying for an MA!)…and the last time I felt this excited about reading during my commute was when I was nuzzled in the warm and familiar pages of Jane Eyre.

But, I guess this makes sense, as I am, after all, rereading another favourite, revisiting another set of close friends. I’ve cracked open the pages of Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife for the third time, and I have not been this happy while reading in a very long time. I’ve already written a blog entry about this amazing novel and its endearing, fascinating characters and so many passages from the beautiful prose feature on my ~Favourite Quotes~ page. I wrote that post when I hadn’t actually reread the actual book in awhile though…I wrote it based on what I remembered from the text, based on how well I know the story and how deeply it is engrained on my heart. The truth is, though, that I had started to forget some of the intricacies, some of the specific events and quotes that drew me into the book originally – and I have always had this theory that if you are starting to forget exact reasons, exact lines and phrases, that make you love your favourite book of all time, it is definitely the right moment to reopen its cover and familiarize yourself with it again.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing…and the love affair is still as overwhelming as it was the first time I encountered Henry DeTamble and Clare Abshire. I’ve spoken about how much I love Clare and how much I identify with her, and I’ve gushed over just how charming Henry is despite (or maybe because of) his challenges and troubles with time. But what I didn’t speak too much about is just how incredible Niffenegger’s writing style is…just how easy it is to fall into the prose, to get wrapped up in it, to sit comfily inside a paragraph or on top of a page and live there contentedly. Niffenegger masters two very different voices in her text – Henry’s and Clare’s – and she is so convincing writing as a middle aged man, as a young boy, as a middle aged woman and as a young girl. It’s absolutely inspiring and mindboggling to me, but it’s one of the aspects of this novel that sets it apart and makes it so memorable and touching!

And what’s perfect about all this is that there is no end to the number of quotes I can pull from this novel to feature on my Twitter page and on the blog. Like, let’s just say I have a bunch of quotes already selected for next week…and I am beyond excited both to share them with you, but also to keep reading and collect plenty more! For that reason, I think I’m going to feature all three of the quotes I picked from The Time Traveler’s Wife right here, below, so that you can all get a feel for Niffenegger’s masterful writing style and so that I can gush once more about how much I love every line in this text.

1) “Long ago, men went to sea, and women waited for them… Now I wait for Henry.”

The full version of this quote was featured in my last blog post about The Time Traveler’s Wife (click on the link above to read it)…so head over to that post to find out why I love it so much and why I think it’s a ridiculously good opening to such a heart wrenching romance.

2) “You may be Henry’s past, but I’m his future.”

Basically, this is the quote that every significant other needs in their life. As a girlfriend who has only ever had one boyfriend (awkward but truthful admission right there!), I take extreme inspiration from this quote because, let’s be honest, jealousy is a thing that happens sometimes, that’s outside our control, and it’s important to remember that people have pasts that can stay in the past and don’t have to meddle with the future.

3) “‘Who do you like?’ You, I think but don’t say.”

Henry DeTamble is a prince, and a respectful, compassionate, reasonable one at that. Don’t believe me? It’s quotes like this that express just how subtly charming he is, just how effortless his love for Clare is and how naturally it shines through in everything he says and does.

Alright, well there you have it! My love for The Time Traveler’s Wife basically knows no bounds, and I would even go so far as to say it has achieved Jane Eyre status for me…it’s definitely my modern/contemporary literature JE equivalent!

And before you go, I’ll leave you with this picture of the novel, looking as pretty as a peach because, you know, I was feeling photographical this morning!

The Time Traveler's Wife

Happy Sunday and see you tomorrow bright and early in the Twitter-verse!


Girl with a Green (and Happy!) Heart

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