“’Cause now I’m shining…” – #JNGListens

Hello hello hello!

This week’s quote blog post is rather early, I admit, but that’s because I have an exciting and busy weekend ahead of me. One of my best friends who I’ve known since grade 4 is competing in the Pan Am Games tomorrow and Sunday. She’s a roller figure skater and she’s been doing it since before I met her, but I’ve never actually seen her skate and I cannot wait to get the chance to support her this weekend. But, that of course means a little less time for blog posts and a lot more time in my new red Canadian hoodie (that my bestie KM actually let me borrow for the events)!

I know exactly what quote from this week’s catalogue I want to feature, though, so I thought I would get right down to writing the post tonight.

True Love, my favourite thing in the world – we all know that! But what does True Love feel like? What kind of sensations and emotions is it supposed to create in a person? Well, I don’t know if anyone can truly know whether or not they are experiencing True Love…there are many signs that would lead a person to suspect, sure, but something can always happen and life can take surprising turns, so I’m sure it’s possible to believe that you are in True Love and then find out years later that this was not the case.

I know what being in love feels like though…I thought I knew it a few times in my life, but I think what leads me to believe that I’m now in the True Love realm is the fact that I have never ever felt anything as strong or spectacular as what I feel for my boyfriend. I’ve felt many emotions that were lovely, but nothing quite so amazing and all-encompassing as this.

How would I describe it? Well, that question leads me to the #JNGListens quote of this week, a line from a new song I’m obsessed with, Bright by Echosmith.

“You sprinkle stardust on my pillowcase…” – Bright, Echosmith

This song is ridiculously cute and wonderful, and it describes True Love exactly if you ask me! There are so many quotable lyrics from it and I strongly suggest that you all take a listen…they even did a version with the violinist Lindsey Stirling that is so nice!

Anyway, to get to the point, this song uses metaphors and natural imagery to talk about the experience of love. It is honestly adorable! It talks about how love makes a person feel like they are lighter, like they are glowing and glorious, like everything in the world is a little less annoying, a little less difficult. Love, the right kind of connection between two people, makes each person feel buoyant and jubilant and, well, bright!

I would say that this is definitely my experience, and that’s why I took to the song so quickly! When I’m with SS, I feel like the best version of myself, the version that comes out around my immediate family and my closest girlfriends. I feel like nothing could ever go wrong, and like, even if it does go wrong, it’s not such a big deal, it’s not so earth shattering, because I still get to have him in my life! I feel brighter around him, for sure, but I also feel more confident about myself and I love myself more because of who I am capable of being when I’m with him! I do believe that I shine when I’m in his presence…and I think a lot of people have seen that and would agree!

So, to end on a super mushy note, all of my quotes for this week (and the one I will be posting on my Twitter page tomorrow) have been dedicated to SS. Because he’s the one who makes me smile biggest at the moment, as in his favourite picture of me below. And I do so love how overjoyed I look when I smile for him!

Shining Bright



Girl with a Green Heart

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