Lady Janille and the Green Knight

Hello again Everyone!

I’m back! I’ve returned home (only a 50 minute train ride, but never mind that) from my Toronto staycation and…I’m just as depressed and upset as I expected to be. I had the best 4 days in the city with my boyfriend and it was so amazing to be able to explore and go to many different sites without having to worry about trekking all the way back to the suburbs. I’m more than a little nervous about returning to work tomorrow and getting back to reality, but I’m already daydreaming about trips my boyfriend and I can take in the future!

Although I hadn’t intended to write a post today because I didn’t post any #JNGReads/#JNGListens quotes this past week, something happened during my staycation that was too much of a coincidence not to feature on the blog. My boyfriend and I decided to go to Medieval Times on Friday night. SS is a HUGE fan of the show Game of Thrones, and when I found that out on our first date, I agreed to marathon the show with him over our Reading Week last year since I had never even seen an episode. When SS’s birthday rolled around, after only just over a month of us dating, I had to come up with an appropriate present idea and I immediately thought of getting him something Game of Thrones related. That’s when Medieval Times came to mind, and I thought it would be cute to get him a gift certificate so that the two of us could pick a date and go watch the show together.

Cut to a year later and we still hadn’t used the gift certificate. Last summer was super busy and we did various little day trips, but we never found a time to go to Medieval Times. It’s also a bit out of the city (by Exhibition station, which is quite a distance from Union and the heart of downtown), so when we planned our staycation, we thought it would be the most perfect time to go as we wouldn’t have to travel to our separate homes after and would only need to make it back to our hotel. So we chose Friday, the last night of our staycation, and we went to the 7:30pm show.

I had no idea what to expect because I had never been before, and neither had SS. I thought maybe it would be more geared toward children, and it was definitely family friendly…but it was also so well done and extremely exciting! Everyone who worked there was so committed to their roles and to making the whole thing an unforgettable, unique experience, and the jousting and fighting was actually quite realistic and really fun to watch! SS and I absolutely loved it…and we really got into every aspect of the tournament! I should also say that the food was INCREDIBLE! It was awesome to eat without utensils, and the chicken, potatoes and corn were ridiculously delicious! I wasn’t expecting the meal itself to be so good, and I was pleasantly surprised! And, at the end of the whole night, SS and I ventured into the dungeon to take a look at the museum of torture they have there – needless to say, this attraction was geared more toward adults, but it was really interesting and informative.

And the best part of the whole experience and the reason why I had to feature it on my blog today? Well, as some of you may know, when you enter the castle at the beginning of the show, the employees randomly select a knight for you to cheer for. As soon as we walked in, I declared that I wanted to be on the Green Knight’s team. Obviously I figured it would be incredibly poetic, what with the theme of my blog and all, but I’ve also been a huge fan of the medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight since I first read it in my British Literature class in second year university. I even wrote an essay on the poem, and it was the first English essay I wrote in university where I felt that I truly developed my academic and critical voice. So, I wanted to cheer for the Green Knight and wear a green crown, but SS and I didn’t have a choice in the matter, so I didn’t know how likely it would be.

But guess what! As we approached the “wench” (she called herself that) in charge of the seating arrangements, she handed us a GREEN card and said we would be cheering for the Green Knight! It felt like Fate! I was so excited and I didn’t take my green crown off for the whole night. I also made sure to get some pictures of the Green Knight in action…and a picture with him after the tournament was over!

Medieval Times #3

Medieval Times #4

Lady Janille and the Green Knight
Lady Janille and the Green Knight

All in all, I would definitely recommend Medieval Times as a super enjoyable, creative way to spend an evening. It’s perfect for kids of all ages, but I also think it makes a great date idea and it’s much more entertaining than any movie you could go and see. It’s right up there for me with some of the theatre performances I’ve seen, and it’s certainly a delightful atmosphere to be in!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

PS – SS is actively considering applying to be part of Medieval Times – and I think he would look pretty good in those tights, if I do say so myself, so I’m going to encourage his ambitions! 😉

Medieval Times with SS

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