Goodbye Old Friend – #JNGListens & #GoodbyeElena

Today’s post is going to be a bit of everything: my usual weekly quote entry, a fashion-inspired post, a review of one of my favourite TV shows…and a tribute to an old friend.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries since it started 6 years ago. I was probably a little older than the target market at the time I started watching (I think I was in my first year of university), but I distinctly remember coming home on a Thursday night, all throughout my university days, and being so excited to delve into this “teen drama”, especially after a long and grueling day of studying. I immediately became obsessed with the plot, all the mysteries and conflicts…but I equally became obsessed with actress Nina Dobrev, a fellow Canadian and someone who I thought was beautiful, seemed really sweet and hilarious in real-life, and appeared to be a figure from Hollywood that I could actually look up to! Sure, I liked Stefan a lot, and his badass brother Damon, but the real reason I continued to watch the show throughout the years was to see Nina Dobrev play Elena…and Katherine…and a whole host of other characters. She is a brilliant actress, and the emotions on her face, just a simple look of sadness, fear or joy, could make me feel a million different things. I really began to admire her – and I also began to try to adopt her style and fashion sense, keeping my dark hair as long as possible and refusing to cut it or even get a trim, and modeling my own clothing choices after hers on the show. (Sidenote: Remember my post on How to Dress Like a Vampire? It was truly inspired by Nina Dobrev on TVD!)

Anyway, when I heard recently that Nina Dobrev had decided to leave The Vampire Diaries and make season 6 her last on the show, I was (needless to say), devastated. I love books and fictional stories that exist on a page, but I am just as passionate about the TV shows I watch (as you’re all probably starting to learn) and I become attached to the characters I see on screen just as easily as the ones I read about in books. Elena Gilbert had become a part of my life. I had spent every Thursday night with her for years, I had internalized and stressed about her problems…and I would easily have called her one of my best fictional friends. One of my real-life best friends, Camille, was also devastated by the loss of our favourite human/doppelganger/vampire and we instantly began speculating about why Nina would leave the show as if she were a member of our own intimate circle.

My best friend Camille and I got so obsessed with TVD that we recreated a photoshoot Candice Accola (Caroline) and Nina Dobrev (Elena) did!
My best friend Camille and I got so obsessed with TVD that we recreated a photoshoot Candice Accola (Caroline) and Nina Dobrev (Elena) did!

Obviously, despite our (probably unnatural) obsession, we could do nothing to prevent Nina from leaving the show. So, we had to just enjoy her last few episodes while they lasted…all while counting down the days to the season 6 finale with dread. In the last few days before this momentous episode, I decided to listen to songs from TVD that epitomized the sadness of Elena’s departure to me…but more about that in a second. I also decided to try to dress like Elena one last time. I chose to wear this jean dress that I actually purchased from Joe Fresh specifically because it called to mind a similar dress Elena wore in one of my favourite scenes with her sort-of boyfriend at the time, Damon.

My jean dress from Joe Fresh.
My jean dress from Joe Fresh.
Elena wearing a similar jean dress in one of my favourite scenes from TVD.
Elena wearing a similar jean dress in one of my favourite scenes from TVD.

Although you can’t really see Elena’s dress perfectly in this picture I took, I would encourage you all to go watch this scene on Youtube! It’s so steamy and sexy and perfectly portrays Nina’s incredible acting on the show. A link can be found to it on my Twitter page, so go check it out…and then continue reading! 😉

Anyway, as I was saying before, as the day of the finale approached, I listened to my “Elena Gilbert Playlist” and tweeted some of my favourite quotes from songs featured on The Vampire Diaries as part of my #JNGListens initiative. Here are the quotes that spoke to me and kept replaying in my head this week:

“Please don’t tell me you have moved on…” – Be Alright, Lucy Rose

“I could disappear completely…” – When You Sleep, Mary Lambert

These two songs are absolutely incredible! So moving and emotional, but also with deep and powerful messages about love and the anguish and uncertainty that is often associated with romance. These songs were used in some of my favourite scenes between Elena and Damon, particularly a scene at the end of season 5 when I believe Nina Dobrev acted better than she ever has on the show.

And that brings me to my final few comments for today’s post. Without giving away too many spoilers, I didn’t love the way Nina’s departure was done on the show. Sure, there were moments that made me cry (like when they recreated the “feather scene” with Elena and Bonnie from season 1), but for the most part, I felt that everything was a little anti-climactic, that there were too many loopholes and unexplained aspects of the story (for example, why didn’t Jeremy and Bonnie have an emotional reunion, especially if Jeremy was so upset when Bonnie was presumed dead? And how was it so easy for Damon to defeat Kai when he had always been one step ahead of everyone all season?). I also felt like the show didn’t leave the audience with a sense of finality, with a feeling that Elena was at peace. But, I know I’m just being picky because I really would rather that Nina not leave at all! So, to be fair, I think her acting was incredible as always, and I think that I would’ve been unhappy and upset regardless of how the episode was done.

Where am I going with all this? Basically, I just want to say that it’s okay to be obsessed with TV shows, with fiction of any kind. Yeah, there are people out there who will say, “That’s not real-life! How can you be so upset? It’s really immature of you!”. But I don’t see how anyone can condemn emotions or empathy or feeling attached to people and scenarios and ideas. That’s the beauty of being human…being allowed to feel everything, no matter how silly or strange! That’s something that a vampire who’s turned off their humanity can’t do, after all…and that’s probably why Elena wanted to become a human again in the end…a decision that took her away from us, but that means we’ll understand her and her choices that much more.

So, goodbye old friend, friend of 6 years and 6 seasons…sleep well!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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