Two…or More…just Many – #JNGReads

I’m going to start this post by immediately giving you the #JNGReads quote of the week…

“…man is not truly one, but truly two.” – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson

This quote seems to me like it could be the motto or the slogan of this very blog.

Sure, in the context of Stevenson’s gothic, macabre story, Dr. Jekyll means that, although he specifically is being harassed and bombarded by his evil alter ego Mr. Hyde, every other human also has multiple personalities, multiple layers of self, including but not limited to the dichotomy of good and evil. Dr. Jekyll means what he says literally…but in a more metaphorical sense, this quote portrays exactly what I’ve been trying to do here on ~The World of my Green Heart~, especially in recent weeks.

I am the woman who is not just one, but two…who has not just one passion, but many. Like so many of you readers, I am interested in a million different things at once – a million different things that wouldn’t fit together in most people’s minds but do so perfectly in mine. Yes, I am that professor of English literature, that lover of the written word who cannot stop reading or talking about things she sees on a page. But, I am just as equally that girl who dreams of fighting crime, battling villains with her intellect and her power, all while standing alongside a man who looks an awful lot like Daniel Craig as James Bond. And then, I am the impassioned fan who cheers on her favourite wrestlers, who belts out the lyrics to her favourite artist’s songs at live shows. I am all those people at once…and by being all those people, I am 100% myself. And it is such a glorious, liberating thing!

So, some of you might wonder every now and then how a post you’re reading fits into the “scope” of this blog – but this post today is meant to explain that I hope you won’t think that any longer! Because this blog doesn’t really have a definitive scope, a particular aim or motive. It’s just an outlet for me to talk about everything I love, everything I do and everything I think you’d all be interested in hearing about…and so, it’s as eclectic and random and vast as my personality is!

Thank you all for coming along for the ride, and for being accepting of all the different girls who have this green heart!


Girl with MANY Green Hearts

my green heart

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