All the World’s a Ring – The Theatre That Is WWE Wrestling

Okay, so today’s post is going to be a little different and perhaps a bit unexpected, but just as full of gushing and excitement as usual. You all probably see me as this really civilized, sophisticated reader (or at least I hope you do!), and that’s definitely part of my personality! I mean it when I say that I would love to transport to a time 200 years ago and wear flowing, elegant dresses every day and have infinite tea parties. I am and will be a Victorianist forever…

…but, as you’ve probably been able to tell from some of my recent posts, such as the ones about my favourite TV show Penny Dreadful and one of my favourite rock artists John Mellencamp, there are many facets to my personality and I have many loves, hobbies and interests. As much as I have always wanted to be a writer and a professor of literature, I’ve also always wanted to be a Bond girl as I admitted last week…and, it’s time to reveal another profession I’ve coveted since I was a teenager: that of professional wrestler/WWE Diva. Alright, this is probably my most unattainable desire considering that I’m not all that strong and I’ve never wrestled in my life. So, in recent years, I amended my dream and decided I wanted to be a WWE commentator…which actually seems like a perfect job for me considering that I adore talking and public speaking! In any case, I’ve liked WWE wrestling since I was in high school, when I would sit down on the couch every week and watch Monday Night RAW with my dad (yeah, clearly my dad and I do a lot of random, varied things together)! I fancied myself a bit of a Triple H fan because, let’s be honest, he’s really sexy and this was back when his hair was long and luxurious and he looked like a Disney prince…needless to say, I couldn’t resist! I’ve sadly stopped watching wrestling as much in recent years, but I do still have an instinctual love for it and I do get excited to watch it when my dad has it on TV.

Now, imagine my excitement when my dad asked if I wanted to go see WWE live in Oshawa (which is 10 minutes away from my home outside of Toronto)! I simply said YESSS!!! over text and he got the tickets immediately! I was so psyched for it, and we finally went this past Sunday and it was INCREDIBLE!!! I’m a BIG theatre buff – I love Broadway musicals and I’ll see any Shakespearean play on stage! But let me tell you, WWE live was BETTER than any production I have ever been to! (Did I mention that I would be gushing a lot in this post?)

Obviously I know it isn’t real and everything is scripted…but that’s what made it so darn BRILLIANT! These incredible wrestlers are convincing actors, but they’re also trained athletes with remarkable bodies and stamina. It was amazing to me that they could act so committed to every move, but also pull them off so flawlessly (ie- without getting injured)! I honestly sat amazed for the whole 2 hours. Since I’m classifying it as a work of drama and fiction, I have to say that it was really well done and articulated: so much effort was put into drawing the fans in, getting them passionate about the plot and rivalries and characters. I don’t know if Shakespeare could’ve choreographed better fight scenes, and there were some distinct villains and heroes created in such a short amount of time. It was a very artistic work of theatre, surprisingly enough.

And then there’s the exhilarating aspect of it. I definitely wouldn’t condone or encourage random, senseless fighting, but since everyone is working together and as a viewer you know that things have been endlessly rehearsed to ensure maximum safety, I really enjoyed seeing the wrestlers work off each other’s bodies. If you remember my early post about seeing the ballet adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, you’ll know that I’m a fan of dance and anything that involves fluid, seamless movements. That sort of thing really impresses me since I’m not so coordinated myself! And the wrestling was just as beautiful and impossible to look away from as the ballet! The way the men and women bounced off one another, the way they flew around the ring…it was a sight to behold! And the sound of someone hitting the ring was so satisfying and exciting! I’ve truly never seen anything like it and I am so impressed by what human bodies can do, especially when working together!

The male wrestlers.
The male wrestlers.
Some seriously badass female wrestlers!
Some seriously badass female wrestlers!

Anyway, long story short, I LOVED this particular highlight of my weekend and I would recommend WWE wrestling to anyone who likes athleticism and sports, but also to those who enjoy a classic tale of good versus evil, bad guy versus good guy, strong man versus underdog! You won’t be disappointed!


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