Spring Initiative – #JNGReads & #JNGListens

Hello Lovely Readers!

It’s spring! Can you feel it in the cool, chilly breeze of the Toronto air? Can you see it in the white puffs of snow that cascade from the grey Toronto sky? Can you sense it when you slip on your heavy coat and sturdy boots every morning?

Okay, no, it doesn’t feel very much like spring at the moment in my hometown, but the calendar says that it is so I’m hopeful that the weather will start to reflect the change soon! On that note, I’ve decided to try to dress in bright and pale spring hues, to wear as many florals as possible, and to generally act as though spring has really sprung!

And part of that new initiative includes trying new things on this very blog, so I’m happy to now introduce an idea I came up with just a few days ago. From now on, I will be posting a quote on my Twitter page every day. This quote will either be from the novel I am currently reading, from a work of literature I love OR from a song I am obsessed with at the moment – and yes, you guessed it, I’ll be using the hashtags #JNGReads and #JNGListens to distinguish between the two types of quotes! (Sidenote: My hope is that, one day, enough of you dear readers will like this initiative, and will tweet me with your own quotes using those hashtags…so we can engage in some serious literary conversation!) You might be wondering why I’ve decided to include lyrics from songs in this idea: the reason is that (if you follow me on Twitter already, you’ll know this) I absolutely love all genres and varieties of music and I believe that songs are little literary masterpieces in their own rights (when composed by certain artists, of course). Music, like novels and poetry, can so accurately and distinctly speak to the emotions the listener is feeling, and some songs have touched me more than some books I’ve encountered! Also, there’s something to be said for variety in life, especially on a Literary LIFESTYLE blog!

At the end of each week (either on Saturday or Sunday most likely), I will choose one of the quotes that I’ve posted on Twitter over the week to feature on my blog, and ideally also on my Instagram page. This will either be the quote I loved best during the week, that spoke to me most profoundly, or the quote that I regret posting for whatever reason because it isn’t speaking to me as loudly anymore. Now, I will of course keep the ~Janille N G’s Favourite Quotes~ page active on this blog, so I will also decide at the end of each week if any of the quotes from Twitter are worthy enough of inclusion on this page and give you my justification.

So, if you’d like to come follow me on Twitter and Instagram, click on the links above! I think this is going to be a lot of fun – and mainly it’s a way for you all to get a sense of what words are swirling around my head throughout my days.

I’ll be posting my first #JNGReads or #JNGListens quote on Twitter sometime tomorrow. But, for now, I’ll leave you with a quote I posted on Twitter and Instagram this past week which actually did find it’s way onto my ~Favourite Quotes~ page. This quote really expresses to me exactly how True Love should feel…like a meshing together of two bodies and souls into one.

“I just tried to be, tried to absorb the man I loved through osmosis, tried to imprint what I had left of him on myself.” – Me Before You, Jojo Moyes

See you all in the Twitter/Instagram-verse soon! 😉

Janille N G

Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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