Going, Going, Gone

The 5 Year Q & A Journal question of the day is: What did you daydream about today?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The soft, cool breeze tickled her neck beneath her long hair and the same gentle wind played with the folds of her light pink dress.  She had never felt as comfortable as she did lying in this grass, a sweater tucked around her shoulders and her wide-brimmed, floppy beige hat shielding her face from the sun.  Unlike on most English days, the sun was out in full force, the characteristic clouds nowhere to be seen.  It was the perfect day to sit outside and doze, neither too hot nor too cold, and just so serene.

She sat up slowly and pulled her hat onto her head.  Her journal sat open beside her, her entry for the day already completed, and her favourite book sat beside it, begging her to continue the story now that her little nap was done.  She was in the absolute perfect location to read this book yet again; a location where so many of the film adaptations had taken place, a spot in the countryside of England that she had always longed to visit.  She couldn’t believe that she was finally here, sitting on the lawn beside the fountain no less!  She felt like a beautiful 19th century heroine, a former governess with a bright and lovely future.  She felt absolutely content and peaceful.

She opened the much-loved novel, caressed the slightly worn, yellowing pages and flipped to the one she had left off on.

“Reader, I married him.”

She smiled instinctively and ran her fingers along the band of her own rings.  The rose gold shimmered in the sunlight and the ring sparkled so brightly that she couldn’t help but smile even wider.  She was a new bride too – she had found that real-life Mr. Rochester that had at one time seemed so elusive and unrealistic.

As if on cue, that very man came striding across the grass toward her, wearing her favourite grey hooded sweater and a well-worn pair of blue jeans.  She couldn’t stop smiling now (she didn’t really want to either!), and she got up, slipping on her gold ballet flats and stuffing her books into her bag.

“Have you finished writing yet?  Are you ready to explore a little more?” he asked her and grabbed her left hand.

She nodded and hugged his arm tightly.  She followed him into the maze of flowers and trees.  It felt like just the start to an already perfect life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who thinks I’ve been spending too much time staring at the photo of Haddon Hall at my desk?

Haddon Hall at my Desk


Girl with a Green (and Imaginative) Heart

my green heart

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  1. Brenda says:

    I love this story…I can picture it!
    Nice photos!

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