Janille N Brandon, Girl with a Heart for Luke

My boyfriend’s birthday is this weekend, so I wanted to get this post written before then because…well…

…I can’t say for certain that I’m not in love with Luke Brandon.

I first developed a crush on Luke Brandon when I was in high school and started reading Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series.  At a time when I was surrounded by boys (okay, some of whom I had crushes on, to be honest), all I really wanted was a MAN like Luke.  A man who would wear impeccable business suits most of the time but who would also look unbearably sexy in jeans and a t-shirt and with a rugged beard.  Now, Kinsella is a master at creating irresistible male leads, so I’ll admit that Sam Roxton from her novel I’ve Got Your Number (actually probably my favourite Kinsella novel of all time) did give Luke Brandon a run for his money for awhile as Favourite Kinsella Male Character.  The difference between my love for Sam and my loyalty to Luke, however, comes from the fact that I have a history with Luke.  He’s been a part of my life since I was a teenager, I’ve read countless stories about him and we’ve kind of grown up through the years with each other (and with Becky, of course).  So really, he’ll always have a very special place in my heart…

…especially because I’ve always admired Kinsella’s work and her writing style, and so her novels have continued to be very dear to me.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I would love to be a writer like Kinsella, to have even half the career and success she’s had, and my appreciation for her literary catalogue comes from this innate connection I feel to her characters.  Every single one of them is hilarious, and the crazy conundrums that Becky gets into in Shopaholic to the Stars (the novel I just finished reading and the reason for this post) were no disappointment.  I seriously found myself laughing OUT LOUD on the bus…people most likely thought I was crazy, but I don’t think I’m half as crazy as Becky can be sometimes…and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible!  This story was definitely just what I needed after reading a heavy, emotional text like Francisco Goldman’s Say Her Name.  Once again, I can proudly and confidently proclaim that I am a Kinsella-ite!

But back to Luke Smokin’ Hot Brandon!  I swear, this guy has to be one of the most charming men in contemporary literature.  I mean, some of the things he says are just downright swoon-worthy.  Exhibit A:

“‘Aran doesn’t love you.’ He cuts me off again, this time so fiercely that I take a step back in shock. ‘I do. I love you, Becky. I love you.’”

Like, just take that in for a moment!  This man speaks with such conviction and force that it’s impossible not to feel the depth of his emotion.  I nearly had a heart attack when I read that passage…again, on the bus, in front of people.  But no, I have no shame when it comes to Luke!

To continue:

“‘I was brooding about that all the way to New York,’ he says finally, his voice deep and gravelly. ‘And then it hit me. I’m your husband. If you’re lost, it’s up to me to come and find you.’”

Hot damn!  I mean, who doesn’t dream of a marriage like that!  I know I sure do!

And finally:

“‘I’m sorry, my darling girl.’”

Now normally I wouldn’t be thrilled about any man calling his wife a “girl”, but I’m going to choose to assume that he means it in an endearing way (especially considering that Luke totally respects Becky and is no womanizer!).  Also, keep in mind that he delivers all of these lines in a British accent…so he automatically receives 2 additional points on the scale of hotness, bringing him to a rating of 12 sizzles out of 10.  (Sidenote: This is my own personal scale, so I don’t expect everyone to agree or understand!  It gets kind of confusing in my brain sometimes, I admit, but I urge you to just go with it like I do!)

Basically, Shopaholic to the Stars was fabulous – no surprise there!  Luke was as crush-worthy as ever, and anytime a guy has walked into my office with a smart suit in the past week, I’ve immediately perked up and thought “Oooh, maybe it’s Luke!”…which it hasn’t been, in case you’re wondering, to my great disappointment!

So, what I would say to my boyfriend if he gets a little jealous after reading this post is, Blame Sophie Kinsella!  She’s too good of a writer…and if I fall in love with one of her characters, that can’t possibly be my fault!


Girl who wants Luke Brandon’s Heart

my green heart

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