How to Dress Like You’re Going to a Garden Party…in the Dead of Winter!

So, February in Toronto sucks! I think all residents of the city can agree on this! The weather is dreary: the sky is dark so early in the evening and so late in the morning, the air is bone-chillingly cold and the snow makes everything (sidewalks, driveways, stairs) difficult to navigate! As I said in my last blog post…I’m over it!

But this weather doesn’t have to put us all in a bad mood! No, we have the power to get ourselves out of this February funk! How? Well, I suggest buying yourself a little something nice: a vanilla bean latte one morning, a new piece of jewellery, a new book?! If you’re on a budget, or if you feel a little retail therapy won’t suffice, may I also suggest putting on your favourite bright pink shade of lipstick and your most summery dress and throwing yourself an imaginary garden party (yes, like something out of The Great Gatsby or The Secret Garden or any Jane Austen novel, and complete with tea and scones)! (Sidenote: This is something my friends Cami, Annie and I are planning to actually do in real-life sometime…hence why this idea popped into my mind!)

That’s what I did a few days ago at work. I knew I would be spending the entire crazy-busy day coordinating and setting up for a big meeting, so I threw on my garden party outfit and pretended (in my mind and not out loud to any of my colleagues, of course) to be the host of a gorgeous tea banquet! And it worked! My attitude brightened as I set out the food and drinks for the meeting…because in my green imagination I was a cross between the feisty Daisy Buchanan and the graceful and gracious Jane Bennet!

Now you may be wondering what exactly I wore that put me in such a sunny mood. Lucky for you all, I took pictures (naturally)!

In the first picture, I’m wearing my preferred shade of pink “lipstick”. It’s actually the Baby Lips brand, so it is in fact lip balm…but this funky hue actually does stick on your lips all day, while leaving them wonderfully moisturized as well!

bright pink lips

In this second picture, I’m finally revealing the present my grandfather got me for my Master’s graduation: a lovely watch from Kate Spade! I had wanted this exact watch for so long, and I think it would be so fitting for a summer garden party, especially since the colours are so soft (especially the pink and beige) and the second hand is actually designed like a straw! I think this watch is really both elegant and fun!

Kate Spade watch

And finally, here is a picture of my dress! I absolutely adored it from the moment I put it on! I love the colour (green suits me I think!) and the flowers and how light and gentle it feels to wear! I had to wear it with black stockings because of the weather and season, but I would totally also wear it with clear tights when the weather gets warmer!

How to Dress Like You're Going to a Garden Party

So there you have it — a quick post about my garden party daydreams and inspirations! What would you all wear today if the weather was sunny and warm?

PS – Thank you to my amazing boyfriend SS for taking that photo of me…and for strategically “planting” that tree there as a prop! heehee

PPS – In case any of you are wondering, my latest read is Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella — so stay tuned for some hilarious (and perhaps more fashion-inspired) posts ahead!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

What the Girl with a Green Heart wore today:

  • Lips: Baby Lips 70 – Pink Shock
  • Watch: Kate Spade – It’s Five O’clock Somewhere
  • Dress: Joe Fresh


  1. Grand-father says:

    Even though we are basking in 85 degree weather, your blog warmed our bodies, souls and spirits. Well done, good attitude and mind set in the office environment at this time of the year. You look beautiful, SS has done a good job!

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thanks Grandfather, for the comment and the watch! 🙂

  2. lucyloopysos says:

    I love that, my distraction, my imaginary is I create music video in my head, vision, fashion, story, dance moves. I am also lover of pink lipstick 🙂

    1. JanilleNG says:

      That’s so cool! It sounds like so much fun to imagine a video for your favourite song! Such a great pastime!
      And I’m glad you like pink lipstick too — I think it just brightens any day! 🙂

      1. lucyloopysos says:

        I do love how we both have our little imagination, and pink lipstick must have in any girls make up I think 😉

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