You YOU – HELP NEEDED with the 5 Year Q&A Journal

Alright everyone…I need your help with my Q&A journal…and I need that help before I have to answer my question for tonight!

The journal has been going really well so far – I’m loving answering all the questions, really digging deep and contemplating how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking on any given day, at any given moment!  One of my most favourite questions of recent days asked, “What makes you you?”  I’ve given this sort of question a lot of thought, especially recently…I think it’s so hard to pin yourself down to one brief, sentence length description, but I’ve always liked the idea of coming up with a self-definition…and I think it’s so cool that I’m going to get to see exactly how this sentence changes and evolves throughout the next five years!

But today’s question has me really stumped…and this is where you, my Dear Readers, come in!  I happened to notice today’s question last night, and let me tell you, I’m happy I did because I would’ve been frantically struggling to come up with an answer tonight if I didn’t.  The question: “Which artistic movement defines you?”  It gives some examples, like surrealism or impressionism or something, but as I have little to no experience with art and am a complete failure when it comes to drawing, painting and anything at all artistic, I really have no idea what works from those artistic movements even look like.  (Sidenote: Yes, I went to a lot of art museums during my time in Paris this past summer…but let’s just say that I didn’t retain too much actual information, although I thought the pieces were lovely!) You don’t believe that I actually have less artistic skill than an infant?  Okay, then take a look at the image below – it’s a picture of myself and my boyfriend that I drew…only a few months ago.

JNG's Artistic Skills

Yeah, pretty embarrassing right?!  So basically, I need you all to help me out and make some suggestions!  What artistic movement do you think most suits my personality?  Or, alternatively, what artistic movement do you think suits your own personality and style, and why?  I’m really interested in what you all have to say about this!

And, if you’re wondering, the answer I came up with to the question of what makes me ME was this: my unwavering belief in True Love and its ability to conquer all obstacles!

Thanks for all your help dear ones!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart



  1. Sean Stevenson says:

    I would have to go with Fauvism! The style is minimalistic and yet it uses it’s unapologetic sharp rough streaks of it’s saturated colours to jump at you and overwhelms your senses. It’s bold, it clearly conveys its intended emotional back drop, and is filled with spontaneous brush streaks that seem to have all landed perfectly to bring out the passion that lies in creating the work of art. I can’t help but to notice how your words on this blog seem to echo the brush stokes used in most Fauvism movement Art Pieces… every sentence passionate and spontaneous, yet perfectly and precisely collected together and conveyed! Moreover, you seem like the type of individual who puts in 100% commitment and dedication into everything you do… not unlike the brush stokes placed down on The Fauvism movement Art Pieces. These, combined with your pure dedication to strong and gripping aspects of life such as true love, makes me think of no art movement that more accurately describes you than Fauvism! 🙂

    1. Sean Stevenson says:


    2. JanilleNG says:

      Thank you for this incredible response, SS! 🙂 I really appreciate the time and thought you put into your explanation — I’ve never heard of Fauvism, but I noticed your comment last night before writing in my journal, and so I was able to look up some of the pieces and incorporate them into my response! They were lovely and very unique…so I’m flattered that you think the movement defines me and what you’ve seen on my blog!

  2. Camille Viva says:

    I could not think of a better sentence for what defines you than the one that you wrote! It is PERFECT.

    As for what art movement defines you, I would have to say, that I would give you Romanticism. Here are my reasons:
    1. Romanticism put high value on individualism and heroism, including the male hero, the heroine and even the anti-hero. I think that you show an interest in consideration for these figures, both in the stories you read and in how you evaluate people in your life. I think that you find the possibility of an ideal hero/heroine inspiring, at least to some extent.
    2. Another feature of the movement, is an emphasis on a Platonic ideal of beauty. And, I believe that you tend to see the world and people as they could be, i.e. you’re more likely to see potential rather than flaws in the world around you.
    3. The sublime. I think that you have a large imagination, and for some reason, although ideas of the sublime can be slightly dark, I see them as more symbolic of potential, again, rather than depressing. I also think that the idea of man against nature conjures your faith in the importance of love between individuals, in such a large and complicated world.
    4. Romantic art makes me think of literature–I’m clearly not an expert, but I think that a lot of Romantic literature inspired Romantic art? I’m not sure if I’m biased from always seeing paintings in class that were inspired by Romantic lit… but either way…you remind me of literature, so that’s my logic for this point 😉

    Hope that makes sense!

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thank you so so much for your detailed response, Camille!
      I will definitely have to look up some Romantic art pieces — but I appreciate your justification and I absolutely agree! I am so glad that you’ve taken all of that out of knowing me and reading my blog posts!

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