How to Dress Like a Queen (of Scots)

Happy Sunday Loyal Readers! Today I have a fun, picture-filled and fashion-inspired post to share with you all!

I started watching the CW show Reign last year, when it first started, and I instantly got hooked by the beautiful ladies who portray Mary Queen of Scots and her friends at the French court. I know that I’m no longer a teenager, but I love a good love story with mystery and intrigue and I am a HUGE fan of anything royal, so I’ve continued to watch the show avidly for the last two years. Now, I admit that one of the main reasons that I’m so taken by the series is the fashion – the dresses and gowns that the gorgeous actresses wear each episode! Let me tell you, I’ve gotten many a wedding dress idea from this show and I’ve never seen costumes so breathtaking, from the hairpieces to the flowing skirts to the delicate shoes! Reign is a feast for the senses in so many ways, but it’s most definitely easy on the eyes! So yeah, basically I’m obsessed with it and I wait eagerly each week to see what Queen Mary and her ladies-in-waiting will wear next!

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me since starting to watch the show is that a few of my friends and family members have mentioned to me that they think I look like the actress who plays Mary, Adelaide Kane. I think this is both crazy and EXTREMELY flattering – I mean, if even one person looks at me and thinks I look like a gorgeous, young queen, then I’m obviously doing something right in my life! It was those comments that inspired me to create this very post: How to Dress Like a Queen…of Scots! I know that technically Reign is not a book, and so many of you may wonder why I’m writing a post about it on my literary lifestyle blog – I’ll defend my decision by saying that I believe TV shows and films are also texts to be analyzed and interpreted…and Reign is of course a work of historical fiction anyway!

First, what should a queen wear in her hair? Well this is easy: a crown obviously! But we don’t all have crowns lying around our houses, unfortunately (because wouldn’t the world be a much better and brighter place if we did?!), and so it’s essential to find crown-like alternatives for everyday living.

In this photo, I’ve put together some flashy and sparkly hairpieces that can easily and effectively take the place of a crown on an average day. My favourite is probably the gold bow, which I would clip in the side of my hair, after braiding a thick strand. It’s an effortless way to give your hair a bit more of a regal look, even if you’re just wearing it down and loose!

On to makeup: I don’t actually wear any makeup myself because my eyes get sensitive so easily – so no eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara for me! But I am a HUGE fan of lipstick, and I have two shades that seem to be particularly “queen worthy”.

Alarm by Rimmel
Bordeaux by Rimmel
Bordeaux by Rimmel

Here we have two lipsticks by Rimmel: the first is the shade called Alarm (obviously it’s the one that’s more red) and the second is called Bordeaux. Now, naturally lipstick accentuates one’s lips…and I think that lips are very important to a queen because she is going to have to make speeches and encourage her followers to take her seriously…and they’re much more likely to pay attention to her lips and what she’s saying, in my opinion, if they pop! Normally I just wear a bit of tinted lip chap for everyday (usually the Baby Lips brand), but lipstick is fun for more dressy occasions and days when you need a little confidence boost!

And, just as fun as hairstyles and makeup is jewelry, of which a queen should have an abundant supply (I know I do!)!

How to Dress Like a Queen #2 (jewellery)

How to Dress like a Queen #1 (jewellery)

Now, on Reign, they’re all about the opulent jewelry: Mary is always wearing a ring of some kind, and so I’ve shown two options for royal-looking rings here. One is a pearl and silver ring that I like to wear on my index finger. The second is a gold, ruby ring that looks very 16th century to me – and if a queen happens to be engaged to a dashing king or prince, it fits nicely on one’s ring finger. I also recently got this necklace from my mom, and I think it looks really decadent and regal, and I especially liked it with this burgundy shirt dress. The colour just screams strong queen with an independent mind and voice to me!  And if you look really closely, I’m wearing crown earrings in the photo as well…just another subtle dash of queen in there!

And finally, here is a full queenly outfit that I’ve constructed!

How to Dress Like a Queen

This black dress is one of my absolute favourite summer outfits to wear…it’s so effortless and easy, and I realized that if I pair it with this grey, short sweater, it actually makes the dress look a touch more sophisticated and unique. I also chose a flashy gold and diamond bow necklace I have and my purple crown shoes – both of which seem fit for a queen, for obvious reasons! I felt really nice in this outfit, and I’m so excited to actually wear it when the weather gets warmer here in Toronto!

Anyway, that’s my two cents about dressing like a queen! Check out Reign this week if you can…it’s returning from its mid-season hiatus and I cannot wait!

And remember: No matter what is going on in a queen’s life, she always looks flawless!


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  1. Brenda Ajram says:

    Love the show…love your post!

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thank you so much Brenda! I’m so excited for it to start again this week!

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