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Good Morning Dear Readers!

Just a quick post to let you all know what fun I got up to last night!  I went to the dinner I had planned with my friend, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post – we had a great time chatting about life, her various literary and academic successes, my blog (which is starting to be a bit of a success in its own right, if you ask me!) and the books and TV shows we’re loving at the moment!  It was so nice to catch up with her after a few months!

I got home after the dinner and I was both tired and a tad stuffed, probably from the absolutely DELICIOUS shrimp pasta I had at Jack Astor’s (Seriously, go try it – it was SO WORTH the lethargic feeling after!)!  I was hoping to relax in bed, maybe read a little or watch some more of The Affair, when my brother came into my room and asked me to do a close reading with him for his poetry test the next day (today – GOOD LUCK BBG!)!

BBG (my brother) studies English literature at UofT, just like I did (following in his gorgeous, hilarious, wildly intelligent and evidently very humble sister’s footsteps clearly!), but he’s added some studies in Classics to his repertoire as well…which apparently has something to do with mythology but nothing at all to do with the Disney movie Hercules; a fact that was extremely disappointing to me when I found out, to say the least!  Anyway, I’m always happy to help him with any assignments, acting as his brainstorming buddy and editor, and last night he asked me to do my own close reading of the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen and then compare it to his, just to make sure he’d covered all the relevant points and was studying properly!  Now, I’m not a huge lover or reader of poetry and I had never heard of this poem ever, but I liked it quite a lot because I’ve always been interested in the World Wars! (Sidenote: I was born on Remembrance Day, so no surprise there!)  It’s a really touching poem, very affective and moving and full of such vivid and poignant imagery!  I would definitely recommend it as a quick read on November 11th or in a grade 10 History class or something of the sort!

My point is, I did the close reading and we compared notes and I absolutely LOVED it!  Call me a nerd (Okay, no don’t because that’s rude and hurtful Guys!), but I actually still adore analyzing literature in my spare time – as if that comes as a surprise to any of you!  The main reason for this post is actually to show you a picture of what literature analysis looks like to me…in the picture below you’ll see my close reading (in green pen, naturally), BBG’s close reading (in pencil, which I think is INSANE and so dangerous – something could smudge his work and make it illegible!) and a pile of the notes I’ve made for the very blog posts you’ve read here at The World of my Green Heart!  Yes, that’s right: I make detailed notes, both in my books and by hand, on paper, about each and every one of the posts I write…because I am dedicated to this blog…and if nothing else, I’m organized and I like pretty colours!

Poetry Close Reading with Brando

And if doing a poetry close reading isn’t a recipe for a fantastic night, I don’t know what is!

Try it sometime…you may like it!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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  1. Mike says:

    Dear JNG! BBG is lucky to have an editor and mentor like you. Poetry is good for the soul. Great work. MAA

    Sent from my iPad


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