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Hello again Everyone!  It’s been awhile… Haha, okay not really!  Clearly I’m pretty blog obsessed at the moment!  YAY! 😉

Today I’m going to be reviewing a different sort of product – not a work of fiction, but a writing tool!  I discovered this book on Instagram the other day, and once I read more about the concept, I absolutely had to have it!

I’m talking about the Q&A 5 Year Journal!  I purchased the journal at the Indigo location near my home, but I’m sure it’s easy enough to find online or at different stores that sell writing materials.  I definitely think it is the coolest little writing book (I mean, how classy does it look, without even opening it?!) and I am super excited about it at the moment (which is so great, considering that I only got it 3 days ago!)!

The lovely journal itself!
The lovely journal itself!

Basically, the concept is as follows: The journal provides 365 questions, one for every day of the year, and you are meant to follow the dates and answer each question on the day it is allocated to.  For example, yesterday’s query was where I would like to travel to, but another question might be what my favourite song is or what my favourite colour is (green obviously!) on that particular day!  The great thing about the journal is that it provides space to answer the question 5 times – so clearly, you are meant to continue with the journal for 5 consecutive years and watch how your answers (and likewise your personality) evolve!  It’s all about coming full circle, I guess!

And I have to say, I adore this idea!  I’m a big fan of journal writing – I’ve kept a journal since I was in first grade, and I often have several journals on the go at any given time!  Right now I have a personal journal for daily thoughts and memories and a journal filled with literary quotes I like and phrases that I’ve written to put into my own creative pieces in the future.  Now I also have this aesthetically gorgeous and thoughtful Q&A journal as well, and I really like that it is encouraging me to examine aspects of my life that I wouldn’t normally think to document!  I know that I am going to eagerly look back on my answers each year, and I’m also certain that I am going to learn a lot about myself in the process!  And besides, we all know I’ve been in a reflective mood lately (refer to my last two blog posts), so this journal seems like my most perfect companion at this stage of my life!

The only trouble I’m having is how exactly to go about writing in the journal…and this is where I need your help and advice, Dear Readers!  On Sunday, I happened to see Monday’s question because it was on the page facing the one I was writing in, and so I knew what yesterday’s question would be from the start of the day (it was the one about where I’d like to travel).  I like to write in this journal at night, after the day has passed and I’ve had time to experience everything the day has to offer, and because I already knew the question, I found myself contemplating it all day yesterday.  Today, I haven’t seen the question yet because I restrained myself from flipping the page to peek at it last night…so now, I will have to answer it tonight without prepping for it or thinking about it at length.

So, I’m wondering: what do you think is the best approach for writing in this sort of journal?  Should I look at the questions in advance so that I can ponder my answer throughout the day and engage in some really thorough self-reflection?  Or should I be spontaneous, wait to read the question until I am prepared to write down my answer, and so deliver a response that is perhaps a bit less contrived?  I’m meeting a close friend for dinner tonight, and she is a remarkable fiction writer (She’s had many short stories published already!), so I will of course ask her advice as well – but I am as always interested in the comments of my Loyal Followers too!

So let me know down below!

Toodles! xox


Girl with a Green Heart

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  1. Camille Viva says:

    This journal is such an awesome idea! I really like the idea that, even though sometimes we feel the need to hold strongly to our values and beliefs, and to try to convince ourselves that we have always felt the way that we feel in the present–it’s nice to reflect on our growth. If our beliefs were so strong that we defined our personalities by them, then we would ironically have pretty shallow and stagnant personalities. I’m so inspired by your reflective nature and your continuous flow of writing experiments and projects, and I think it’s really cool that you’re doing this! I’m so glad that you let your readers come along for it, and I can’t wait to read some of your answers!
    I think that if you happen to be too excited too wait to look at the next day’s question then it’s totally fine to mull over what your answer will be in advance. At least personally, I think it would be more encouraging to look back next year at more reflective, developed answers. Your answers are also going to change a lot more over the course of a year than over a couple days so I don’t think that planning it in advance will spoil how genuine your answers are, if that any makes sense haha 🙂

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thank you so much for your detailed and beautiful response, Camille! I think that I will definitely try a combination of the two styles of using the journal — but I do definitely agree that I will want to have the most thoughtful answers possible when I come to the end of the journey! And I really do appreciate that you also believe that beliefs and preferences are so malleable and flexible…that’s what I found so impressive and powerful about this journal! You should totally get one and give it a try! 🙂

  2. Brenda Ajram says:

    I love the idea of this Q&A 5 Year Journal! I think you should do both. Some days look at the question in advance and other days be spontaneous. I hope that you will share some of the questions and answers with us…it’s always fun to read what you post!

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thank you so much for your advice, Brenda! I think that is absolutely a great idea — it seems like the best of both worlds! And I will of course keep you all posted on my musings in the journal! 🙂

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