The Power of One’s Pen (or Keyboard) – Clarification on Getting Personal

I’ve had some mixed reviews and comments about my most recent and personal blog post from this morning, and I wanted to clarify my feelings in the hopes of explaining myself a bit more clearly.

I can’t see how anyone found my last blog post to be depressing because I didn’t write it with that intention at all, and so I will inevitably have trouble reading it in that vein (knowing the authorial intent as I do)!  What I do know is that I meant for the post to come across as reflective and contemplative – two adjectives that are often associated with depression and despondency in literature.  When Jane Eyre, for example, describes (only a very short while after arriving at Thornfield Hall) that she feels restless and anxious, that she wants to move out of her restricted and constraining social station and circle, many readers have labeled her as depressed (trust me, I’ve been in classes with them).  I would rather perceive her as being more in a moment of reflection than in one of turmoil, however – and that was the mood I was in when I wrote this morning’s piece.  I, like Jane Eyre and countless other young literary characters on the brink of the rest of their lives (I mean, come on, think of Pip in Great Expectations – if that guy isn’t a bit morose throughout his narrative, I don’t know who is!), am figuring out where I fit in the wide world…and that involves looking past my tiny bubble (because everyone’s bubble is tiny compared to the vastness of the world around us!) and, yes, sometimes being critical of and unsettled about the situation I have found myself in.  That doesn’t mean that I necessarily regret any of the decisions that have led me to where I am, and I will reiterate that I am happy.  But I am also a deep thinker, a constant thinker, and so the work I have to do to get to the place in my life where I will feel totally and 100% fulfilled is always on my mind.  I don’t feel burdened by these worries and concerns though, and I hope I never will!

Now, the question obviously arises of why I would choose to share any of these feelings on my “literary” blog (Sidenote: I did add the word “lifestyle” to the title as well, to broaden my horizons a little!).  Well, naturally it’s my blog and is entirely of my own creation, so I’m enjoying being able to write about whatever I want, whenever I want (Hooray for not being in school and having guidelines!).  That being said, I’m also (again I reiterate) LOVING my blog at the moment…more than I ever have since starting it…and so I am feeling inspired, not just by the books I’m reading, but also by the authorial voice I feel overflowing inside me.  I’m also feeling inspired by the blogs I have been reading as examples for the success I would like to achieve.  One example is the blog Inthefrow which I absolutely adore at the moment – and one of Victoria’s biggest pieces of advice for becoming a successful blogger, from one of her own posts, is to write emotionally and intimately and to speak personally to the reader.  I love that Victoria writes about her life, as well as about her love for fashion and beauty products, and my hope for this morning’s post was that it would give everyone a bit more insight into who the Girl with a Green Heart actually is and into what she is thinking behind her reading glasses!

What's behind these reading glasses?!
What’s behind these reading glasses?!

So, I hope no one was turned off by this morning’s post.  I know what power someone’s pen (or in this case, keyboard) can have for provoking emotions and a visceral response from the reader…believe me, I know this all too well!  I just never thought my own pen was that powerful…but I’m certainly glad it is!

Yours in Contemplative Happiness,

Janille N G

Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart


  1. Tony Giambattista says:

    je suis Charlie. Power to the pen and pencil.

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Moi aussi!

  2. Anonymous says:

    je suis Charlie.

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