The Green-Eyed Governess

A brief update here – I promise!

Further to my last blog post, more evidence abounds to justify my love for Jane Eyre.  (Sidenote: If you haven’t already read my page ~The Story of the Green Heart~ yet, you may want to…this particular post will make so much more sense if you do!)

I’ve already mentioned many times that green eyes are my favourite sort of eyes for a literary character to have.  When I created my first, original literary character (while I was in the process of writing my first, real short story), I gave him green eyes.  Really, I had no specific reason for doing this – I didn’t know anyone with green eyes…or at least I thought I didn’t at the time.  I guess I chose green eyes because I figured that they were uncommon enough to give my character a more distinct and unique identity.  The truth is, I modeled this character after Mr. (sexy) Rochester in so many ways – his first name, his country of origin, his slightly disturbed past, his multiple less than serious romantic flings – but I never thought to give him dark eyes like his namesake.  In the creative world of my heart, this male character’s eyes were always green.

And then, I became so attached to him that the world of my heart became the same shade of green.  But orange has been my favourite colour since my first year of kindergarten (Seriously, I’ve been remarkably consistent with my choice of favourite colour over my life…I was never even tempted to like bubblegum pink or baby blue when they were fads!), so again, this preference for the colour green never actually made any sense to me.

Until now, that is!  Take a look at this direct quotation, from Jane Eyre’s lips to your eyes…

“I had green eyes, reader…”

Do you see that?  Charlotte, my dear kindred spirit from years and years and years ago, felt that her literary character should have green eyes as well!  I ask you now, what are the chances?!  I tell you, this Charlotte girl really is my soul sister!

I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again: Green Eyes = Happy Hearts!


Girl with a Green Heart

my green heart

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