Man Crush Monday

I’m going to try to keep this blog post appropriate. Spoiler alert: that may not be possible.

I’ve been watching the new TV series Outlander since it started about a month ago. I remember reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novel a few years ago, and the TV series intrigued me because I was interested to see how such a long, intricate, often immensely detailed story could be adapted into an engaging and exciting show suitable for network television. I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far and the series has really done a good job of reworking the novel while still remaining loyal to the aspects of the story that I found most moving and original. I wouldn’t say that Outlander is one of my favourite novels of all time – I’ve read some pretty incredible time travel novels in my day (including Overseas by Beatriz Williams and the fantastic book The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger) and aspects of Outlander just weren’t romantic or fast-paced enough for me. I found the structure of the novel to be a bit arduous, and I wished for the moments between the two main characters, Claire and Jamie Fraser, to last forever. I wasn’t all that interested in the historical goings on of Clan Mackenzie…but I adored Jamie Fraser and I loved his love for Claire, so I will always remember those moments of the novel that made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Obviously, one of those moments was the wedding night encounter between Claire and Jamie. Let’s just say that this particular nuptial scene is a little less conventional than your average wedding night…particularly because Claire, who is married to another man, Frank Randall, in her present, is a wee bit more experienced than Jamie when it comes to that act of consummation. I honestly was very curious about how the TV series would portray this specific interaction…and let me tell you, I was not disappointed! (Sidenote: I discussed this episode at length with my mother, who I convinced to watch the series although she hasn’t read the book. Many of the opinions I will express are her opinions as well…she has impeccable taste in male characters, so her opinion can be trusted on such matters. Stay tuned for our review of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie when it is released in February! I should also note that my mother and I have a relationship like Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, so therefore it is not at all awkward for us to discuss this sort of thing!) I was happy to see that Claire does take control of the wedding night at first, when Jamie is quite awkward and uncertain and doesn’t seem to know where to put certain things, if you catch my drift. My mom and I were a bit bothered by this at first: despite our gratification at seeing a woman in the more dominant role, we still wanted Jamie to be strong and sexy and dark and mysterious. We sensed that sexiness in him throughout the series, but we wanted his manhood…okay, scratch that Freudian slip…his manliness to appear more explicitly in this episode. We waited…we watched as Claire and Jamie became acquainted, started to get to know each other as spouses and generally just talked and sipped an alcoholic beverage of some sort. When Jamie touched Claire, when he even grazed her neck or her cheek, we held our breath in anticipation. Hours (okay, only one hour) passed.

Finally, finally, after an entire episode of reluctance, Claire accepted her lust for Jamie (because, let’s be serious, it was always there!) and she gave him more control. They were at it again! This is NOT to say that she submitted to him or that she gave up her strength and agency. She is one of the most sharp-witted, brave and defiant female characters I have ever encountered on television, and even when she let Jamie take a bit of control, she equally asserted her role and her presence in the event. The point is that, while Claire continued to be feisty and sassy (she is, after all, a Sassenach), Jamie became the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in a damn kilt in my whole life (The fact that I haven’t seen many men wearing kilts is not the point!)! And here the Man Crush Monday rant begins: James freakin’ Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser is a Scottish god, I’m telling you! This guy clearly has enough names, but he needs another: Sexypants! I’m going off on a schoolgirl tangent here, but I can’t really restrain myself! I don’t know how it happened, but at a certain point in the episode, Jamie looked at Claire with these penetrating, dark, hooded eyes, and I understood his appeal (to say the least)! Not only is he sweet, endearing and an overall gentleman (He told Claire he would give her the protection of his body, people! How romantic is that?!), he’s also rugged and a touch damaged. Do not even get me started on this guy’s abs! Sam Heughan was well cast because he has the body to be Jamie Fraser…the type of body that you can picture him using to protect Claire…and to do other things!

Okay, I’m digressing and it’s getting ridiculous, so I’ll stop here! Let me just conclude by saying that I am thoroughly enjoying the Outlander TV series…and I am enjoying looking at Jamie Fraser…and I am enjoying thinking of him on dreary Mondays, after the episode is done!

How on Earth did this blog post get so long?! Damn you, Jamie!


Girl with a Green Heart

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  1. MICHAEL AJRAM says:

    Your review is prompting me to watch Outlander. Stay tune!

    1. JanilleNG says:

      I’m so glad! You’ll really enjoy it!

  2. Tammy says:


  3. Brenda Ajram says:

    Janille…I couldn’t have said it better myself! I look forward to watching and discussing many more episodes with you.

    1. JanilleNG says:

      Thank you! Jamie lovers must stick together for life! 🙂

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