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Hello again Everyone!

I’m going to keep this post extra short and snappy because…okay, I’ll be honest, I’ve got a bit of a new obsession that I’m having difficulty dragging myself away from! I mentioned that I’m a fan of all sorts of adaptations of my favourite novels, and I really mean that – I’m pretty open-minded and I think that if a contemporary author wants to write a modern, young adult adaptation of a well-known classic novel, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it is not a corruption of the story, and it’s actually a really useful approach to promoting literary masterpieces (and interest in literature, in general) among younger generations! (Sidenote: I read this really adorable teen fiction take on Jane Eyre, way back in my first year of university, called Jane by April Lindner and I liked it a lot! The author compared Mr. Rochester to Bruce Springsteen and let me tell you, I can’t think of two darker, more brooding and mysterious men! Nicely done, Ms. Lindner, I approve of this comparison!) I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with using new forms of social media to reinterpret and reconceptualize classic stories! So, when one of my friends mentioned a YouTube series called “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” to me and explained that it was a modern spin on Jane Austen’s much-lauded, much-loved, much-fantasized-about novel Pride and Prejudice, I was more than a little intrigued! (Who hasn’t daydreamed about Mr. Darcy, especially as portrayed by Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen? I mean, I’ve been pretty vocal about my preference for Charlotte Brontë, but even I admit that Darcy has his dashing moments!) I watched the whole series in a month, and it only took me that long because I wanted to drag it out and enjoy it and because I figured I had to do some work towards my MA, since I had gone to all the trouble to enroll in it! Anyway, the series was fantastic, hilarious and lovely, and when I found out the same production company was working on an adaptation of Austen’s novel Emma (which, scandalous admission, I kind of prefer to Pride and Prejudice because Mr. Knightley is swoon-worthy – see my Favourite Quotes page for one of his ridiculously sweet admissions to Emma from the novel – and Emma is feisty and full of personality!), I couldn’t wait to delve into it as well!

But, truth be told, I waited…a long time actually! I got so distracted with my MA (okay, so I technically decided to give it the proper attention it deserved) that I delayed watching the episodes of “Emma Approved” until just now! And there you have it, the new obsession! I have a relatively free weekend, which is unusual for me at the moment, so I’ve decided to watch every single episode…and fall in love with every single actor in it because all of the portrayals of the characters are spot on and so fun and fresh and exciting! I also love that Emma has become an entrepreneur, running her own matchmaking company – for someone who is a confirmed hopeless romantic and who believes that nothing can conquer life’s troubles more easily than true love, this seems like the most perfect premise for a YouTube series!

Point of this blog post: I think “Emma Approved” is an interesting, creative adaptation of Jane Austen’s work and I think it is definitely worth watching for any fan of Austen’s novel but also for people who aren’t so familiar with Austen’s catalogue and are looking for a witty, fun story to engross themselves in over the summer! And fun, even when it relates to and messes around with classic literature, now that’s something I always approve of!

(And yes, I realize that this post was neither short nor very snappy…you’ve caught me, I’m a compulsive liar about the length of anything I write! Thanks for reading anyway!)


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  1. Rochester as Bruce Springsteen!?! That is awesome lol! I’m going to have to check out both of those. They certainly sound interesting.

    1. JanilleNG says:

      You definitely should! I highly recommend Lindner’s novel — it’s a YA read, but it is so enjoyable. Perfect for summer!

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